Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, December 9, 2019

Tweaking The Kitchen

Remember us talking about one job
leading to another.

Well, I noticed all of my decorative dish towels
needed to come down and get a good wash.

I love these vegetable towels,
they were hand embroidered by 
our sweet friend Shirley.
She's such a talented lady, she embroiders,
quilts, decorates and makes the best pies
that you have ever tasted.

Clean and ready to store.

And a good time to tweak the kitchen
and change things up a bit.

Before the change.
These are towels that I embroidered.

Now . . . not better but different.
We all like to change things up
from time to time, right :)



I'm still baking . . .
making all of Steve's favorites.

The Maine House

inspired me to decorate my mixer :)

Her blog is amazing,
if you visit please let her know that 
I sent you :)

 This is hers . . . so cute, right!

This is mine:
This dish towel was also a gift from Shirley.
"I wish it were true, LOL."

We have a lot of vintage touches around
our kitchen and touches of red everywhere.


Our little home was built in 1905
and I love using vintage items to decorate;
that and anything that adds a country
farmhouse feel.

These last two photos are signs 
that I painted on scraps of wood
from Steve's wood box.

I painted them a few years ago . . .
just for fun.

 I hope you enjoyed your visit.

If you decorate your mixer for Christmas
please let me know . . .
I want to see what you've done :)

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :) 


  1. Lovely decorations, and your pink towels ar just beautiful. Not actually thinking of decorating my mixer at the moment!!

  2. Hand embroidered towels are lovely! I was recently looking at some of my hand embroidered kitchen towels, which got me thinking I need to stitch a couple more :-). So fun refreshing the kitchen decorations, and have fun baking (and eating) your husband's favorites dishes!

  3. Your kitchen is a dream, Connie, sprinkled with all your vintage pretties. It also must smell divine with all those baking aromas swirling around and around. How pretty are all those embroidered towels. They make me smile. Why, a change is as good as a holiday.....isn't that what they say?? Have a beautiful day, beautiful lady♥

  4. Hi Connie. I love all your vintage touches around your home. Those embroidered tea towels are gorgeous. You have a nice collection.
    Happy December. Thelma.

  5. I love how you've changed things around and made your kitchen even cheerier than before. You've motivated me to see what I can do to my own kitchen. I think I'll go visit Estelle's blog right now.

  6. Your kitchen along with your beautiful vintage towels is a warm and cozy inviting place. I always love seeing your photos.

  7. Everything looks so cute! I love vintage.
    My mixer does not set out, so I won't be decorating it, but I love the idea!

  8. I love your cheery kitchen and all the vintage items! I do have my KitchenAid mixer on the counter (a red one that my grandma gave me about 30 years ago), but I won't be decorating it as I need to use it! ;-)

  9. I love your sweet kitchen. My grandma made me several towels just like your patterns. They are treasures to me.

  10. You create such a warm, welcoming and cozy home, Connie! Adore your embroidered towels and all those vintage touches (not forgetting those canning jars full of homemade goodness!).

  11. Such a bright, cheery, and happy kitchen.
    I only have a hand mixer!

  12. Hi Connie- Just love all your special touches there with decoration of your have certainly a real talent. Best Wishes to You and Steve.

  13. Hi Connie, I love the decorated dish towels! I display mine on the kitchen cupboard doors. Love the vintage things. Hope things are improving for you and Steve. Nancy

  14. hi Connie, I really like your change-ups, I think it's a good idea to refresh, and that Estelle, she is really a decorator! A mixer dressed for Christmas. who would have thought of that!

  15. I FIRMLY believe that Christmas calories do not count! :) The dish cloths are so sweet! I'm going to check out Estelle's blog, thanks for the link!

  16. Oh Conie...this is so fun and turned out just darling...I love it all! Thank you dear one, for the mention...your blog is always full of cheer and happy nostalgic home decor.....have a very lovely weekend!

  17. A little change just make us feel better, doesn't it? So pretty....I like vintage things too and have green handle utensils. And I love the teapot in the window.

  18. Your home is so friendly and welcoming with all your lovely decorations!

  19. The towels are too nice to use! 😊

    I love, love, love your yellow curtains.

  20. You are so right.. we start doing one thing.. which leads to another, and another and another! I love all your little change-ups. I usually do that after Christmas and have put all the decorations away.. then I clean all my shelves, etc. and put up some new or rearranged knick knacks, etc. I haven't done anything for Christmas.. our tree is not even up yet. Just not in the mood this year, but I do plan to at least get our tree up as love the lights at night. You are so ambitious and busy and I so admire you! Your mixer is darling and all the baking you are doing is just wonderful. Sure wish those yummy sweets were actually GOOD for us! Hugs.. Marilyn