Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, July 3, 2020

Bedroom Re-do

This is my first bedroom redo.
Ready for guests . . .
I used the same grey paint that
I used in the living room.

 I'm keeping it simple.
I had one twin bed
so I built another frame using 
the old frame for 
measurements and a pattern.

Decorating with quilts and 
things that I already
had on hand.

This lamp and table
used to be in the living room.
The table was coffee brown,
so I spray painted it white.

This antique wooden hanger
was a gift from my sweet
friend and neighbor.
I borrowed the idea of 
displaying embroidered
linens on it from her, too.

I made this bo-ho 
dream-catcher a couple years ago.
  It was hanging in the Art Barn.

The other side of the room
gives me a place for a sewing
machine, ironing board
and storage.

Oh, I took Steve's headboard,
(an old door)
cut it in half and painted
it white. 
It went from one 
kingsize headboard 
to two twin headboards :)

When your budget is nearly
nothing . . . you come up
with fresh ideas for
old things.

The only thing that I bought 
for this room was paint
and one twin bed mattress
from Amazon :)

Well, that's my post
except for this . . .

The first tomato from the garden.
We usually don't have them 
until August.

I enjoyed it in a salad
last night along with a 
Winco pizza.

Thanks for stopping by,
I love company 
enjoy reading your comments.

God bless you.
Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. What a beautiful makeover Connie. But I had to stop and re-read the bit about building the bed frame....that's something I could never attempt. You are so resourceful. your room looks very calm and peaceful, and the bedheads are such a good idea.

  2. Very cozy and inviting. Nicely done! You're so resourceful!

  3. Connie, I think your Steve would be proud of you making those beds and reusing the headboard door. You are very talented. I like that old hanger idea. I have always like looking at old embroidered pieces. I think of the love and work put into them , making them piece of art. Glad you had an early tomato to enjoy. I miss us having even one tomato plant. LOL. Blessings to you my sweet friend, I will be thinking of you tomorrow, xoxo, love, Susie

  4. Very cute and fresh! And the tomato - yum!

  5. What a wonderful room you've created! All the colors are so refreshing and peaceful. I wish I had the nerve to tackle some home makeovers! I can't even paint! ;)

  6. It's super charming Connie. You're quite ambitious and very talented. The room looks great. I hope you fill it with lots of guests!

  7. Wow, you built a bed frame! How amazing, not many of us quilters would even think of tackling a project like that. Your guest room makeover looks wonderful, and I just love the embroidered linens displayed on the vintage hanger. As always, I enjoy reading your blog posts.

  8. Connie. You are skilled with a needle and a saw. I'll also add a garden spade! A renaissance gal for sure!!!

  9. What a lovely room. Such pretty colors.
    Wow what a gorgeous tomato - it looks fake!

  10. Your spare room is very spacious. I like how you've arranged it and of course I love the quilts that you've spread around.
    We picked our first tomato but have not yet cut into it. The plant is called Black Prince and the tomatoes are supposed to be dark maroon, almost black when they're ripe. It's hard to know when it's ripe.
    Happy 4th of July to you

  11. What a lovely guest room! It looks so cozy and inviting. You built a bed frame and made one headboard into two... wow! You are amazing and very resourceful! That tomato looks so delicious, I can't wait until we can eat tomatoes right out of the garden.

  12. bravo for the bedroom redo. Very clever ideas you have with the headboard and bed frame.

  13. Hi Connie, Loving your bedrooms makeover. Looks so pretty and restful. Such talent to be able to make a bed frame. Love the embroidered pieces on the wooden hangar. I might be able to do that but how did you get you many layers? My hanger has just one thing to hang things on and I don't know if it is antique. Swiped it from hubby's closet just now after seeing yours! LOL That is one yummy looking tomato! Have a nice 4th of July. We have nothing planned special. Hugs, Nancy

  14. That is such a beautiful room Connie. Wood-working is not my forte so I really admire the amazing job that you've done in building the bed and headboards. The colors are so soothing and calming and using what you have and changing it up into needed items takes so much talent.
    I'm still praying for you every day my dear friend. I'm glad that you have projects that are keeping you busy.
    Blesssings and hugs,

  15. Your guest room looks lovely and I like what you did with the headboards. Clever idea.

  16. I would love to lay my head down in your lovely guest bedroom. What a clever Mrs you are! Your quilts and new colour scheme are teamed perfectly. That tomato is a gorgeous colour and size.Picking things you've grown is so satisfying isn't it?

  17. So pretty. It will be a treat for guests to stay there. Love the idea of the door headboards.

  18. Oh Connie, I love the headboards. They look fantastic and the whole room looks great. I wish I had your ambition. I just can't get myself to get anything done around here.

  19. That's a pretty dreamcatcher. That tomato looks so juicy and delicious. It's an early one. I have a few on my plant waiting to ripen. You did a great job on the room makeover.
    Happy 4th. weekend.

  20. I love make do and mend, it is unique to you and no one else. It all looks very inviting.

  21. It's all very pretty and colorful Connie. You've been keeping very busy! That's a lovely tomato too, and so pretty on your red and white placemat.

  22. That's a sweet little space! So refreshing and simple. I think your Steve would love what you did with his headboard. God bless you, sweet lady.

    Grace & Peace,

  23. Your decorated guest room looks fabulous, Connie. I always love seeing how you recycle things and make them amazing! Happy 4th of July. xx

  24. What you have done is awesome. I wish I had some of your talent and ambition. I wish you well and peace, during these
    difficult days you have with the loss of your beloved.

    Take Care and Be safe,


  25. What an inviting room ! Makes me want to come and stay for a few days ! You always have such a flair for making a place say, "HOME" .

  26. Hi Connie- I just love your Guest Room Bedroom make over - it all looks very comfy and homely- the Bed Heads come out nice and I do like your Quilts. Sending big hugs for a job well done. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney- AUSTRALIA).

  27. fabulous guest bedroom ~ so welcoming and cozy with the quilts and I love the door/headboard diy!

  28. That looks such a pretty and cosy room. I love the way you have displayed the pretty linens too.

  29. The room looks fabulous Connie and aren't you ever clever with the head board making one into two, love all the little touches you have brought from other rooms and freshened them up to give them a new use!!
    Isn't it wonderful to enjoy the "fruits" of your labor!
    Big Hugs

  30. Well done, Connie! How cute! I won't have tomatoes until August. At least the plants haven't wilted yet.

  31. The room looks so comfy! Well done...I love your quilts!

  32. That is one amazing makeover. Looks perfect and even better that so little money was spent, you are an inspiration.

  33. What a beautiful, peaceful guest room with beautiful quilts. You are so talented to come up with the idea - and especially to implement it - of making the two twin-size headboards.

  34. Hey my blogging sister! Wow, love the guest room. Your speaking my language! Love that you did some repurposing and painting. Love when there's a makeover for little or no money. When you get guests in there they definitely won't want to leave. Can't wait to see what your up to next! Happy decorating and so happy your sharing your wonderful creativity. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  35. You are so creative!!! I am in awe of you making a bed frame! Girl, I'm calling you the next time I need something built, ha. I love the "new" bedroom with two twin beds and the gorgeous headboards and the pretty table and lamp. And the quilts! Bring out the quilts, sometimes I've put mine away, but then I think - these are too pretty to be hidden. Yours look so nice on the beds. I need to buy a quart of paint to re-do a small table - you're my inspiration!

  36. Your makeover is beautiful, Connie, and you are so innovative and creative. You have such a "just do it" attitude. Your quilts are very pretty. Lucky you to have the first tomato - it's been so cool and wet here that mine are just blooming and I hope to see the first fruits form soon.

  37. Thanks for the decorating inspiration. I am requesting you begin a new quilt as I enjoy them immensely. I especially love the log cabin one on your bed. Very well done. Be well and safe♥

  38. What a cozy, welcoming room! You have done an amazing job of repurposing! And you've given me ideas. Have a wonderful day!