Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, June 26, 2020

DIY Home Projects

Life sometimes gives you a few lemons.
They say to make lemonade . . .
or pull yourself together
and make the most of what you have left.

That is what I have been trying to do.
I had a few unpleasant family
circumstances lately . . .
but my faith is strong and healthy
and I will survive.

People can disappoint you,
God is Good, Always!

So, onward and upward . . .
nothing I want to share,
but I will share my new living room
re-do with you.  

Our living room was yellow.
Now it is "Hush" grey.
I love reading the names of paint colors :)

I've sold and gave away much of
our furniture.
Now I am having to replace it
with a few new things
(like a TV)
and things from my Art Barn.

I almost sold my table and chairs, twice . . .
I'm so glad that I didn't :)

The next three chairs are from
the Art Barn.
Some of you may remember them.

I have to admit that I would never have
thought of putting them into the
living room, but I like them.
They are comfortable and they do
give the room a more girly look.

Well, that's my post for today.
I have also had to buy new mattresses
and build bed frames.
I'll save those for my next posts.

It will give me something to post about
and maybe get me back to blogging
visiting with my wonderful blogging sisters.

I miss you all.

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Your room is Beautiful! So pretty and cozy!

  2. I love the prints on your chairs!

  3. Hello Connie. Love what you've done there. I just painted a large area kitchen/d.r. from butter yellow to a very pale blue/gray with white trim. How bright and clean it looks. With 6 months of Michigan gray skies I wanted cheerful walls! Good that you are keeping busy with projects and hope the personal issues dissolve. It can be trying with family at times. Wish you well.

  4. Dear Connie,
    I'm so sorry that on top of your grief you are having family issues. I pray that these will resolve quickly and that hard feelings will soften and heal.
    I had to laugh at your comment about paint colours. I have to cover the paint chip names or else they influence me too much in choosing the colour. I think making up paint names would be a fun job, don't you?
    Your new living room decor looks cute and pretty - like you!

  5. Your home makeover is looking lovely, Connie. I do like the feminine touch and especially that comfortable looking armchair in a pink and blue flowery pattern! Lovely to put up some fresh pain and 'Hush Grey' is a perfect name! Your living room looks so welcoming and comfortable! It's good to keep busy and let your creativity take over. Sending you happy thoughts!

  6. Really nice. It has become a very cheerfull room. Lovely to look at.

  7. Connie, it's SO good to see you here today. I was just praying for you this morning and wondering how you were doing. I told God that if you hadn't posted by the end of the weekend I was going to send you a message letting you know that you're on my heart.
    I'm sorry that you've had issues with family. Those are always so difficult and I hope they are resolved soon.
    Your decorating is lovely. The paint color is wonderful with your beautiful furniture. It all goes so well together and looks so welcoming and comfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing your new beds too.
    Blessings and a huge hug,

  8. Hi Connie- Your work there on your Lounge Room looks fantastic- I do like the color of the walls and your furniture suits the room excellently. Thinking of you just about every day and hope your all OK. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney- AUSTRALIA).

  9. Dear Connie, so good to read your post today. You have been on my mind and I should have written to you but days went by too quickly and I didnt seize the moment. It's so good that you are able to make your room so pretty and personal. I do like the chairs, comfortable and as you say, girly. It all looks so refreshing and I'd like to sit there with you! Yes, paint colours are sometimes so funny. I think it's Farrow and Ball that have 'Dead Salmon' and 'Mouseback'!

  10. Your living room makeover is beautiful! I love the comfortable, country look and colors. Very welcoming.

  11. So sorry that you have family issues on top of your grief, praying that all will be well in the end. I smiled at your comment on paint colours, they are indeed such fun. Love the makeover and the wonderful addition of your barn furniture, it looks amazing. Take care.

  12. Oh Connie, I love the look of your living room. I've been wanting to paint around here for a long time but can't get myself to get moving and get it done.
    Those chairs from your art barn look great in your living room and I love your dining room table

  13. Love the new paint color and your room looks lovely. Job well done.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  14. I like the new color in the room and so glad you did not get rid of the table and chairs. They are so pretty. I also like the painting above the fireplace, so beautiful. I know about family. One day they are there for you and the next they are not. The stories I could tell.

  15. Connie, So happy to see this post. You are keeping busy. I like the make over. The floral print chair looks very comfy. A good reading or tv watching spot. Making changes can be good for you. I know you are still working your gardens...that's you. You are a creative person. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Blessings to you dear friend, xoxo,love, Susie

  16. you are not alone with many of your issues. do not despair. living room color is very calming. baby steps sister♥

  17. Those chairs look comfy and cozy.

  18. I sure do hope you had help moving all that furniture around and then bringing chairs from the Art Barn to the house. But your new living room looks great. God IS our comfort in all things.

  19. Oh your new living room looks lovely. Homey and cozy. Like it a lot.
    Yesterday I posted a picture on my blog of some wooden boxes that look like maybe they came out of a pigeon coop. I really like them but can't figure out what to do with them. You have such great ideas I was wondering if you could pop on over to my blog and see if you have any ideas.

  20. I love what you've done to your living room. The chairs are perfect and make the room extra cozy. I'm glad you kept your table and chairs. They are so lovely.

  21. I love seeing what you are doing always make improvements when you go to work on a project. The color is beautiful and then with the comfy chairs, it's even better. Looks very inviting and cozy! Sweet hugs, Diane PS I'm so happy to see this post today. I love to hear from you!

  22. Your "new" living room looks really pretty and very cosy, I really like the armchairs from your art barn, the do add a girly touch to the room. The colour of the walls is really nice, it is a colour that works with many different accessories, just gorgeous. Hugs to you xx

  23. Dear Connie, it is good to see you picking up the threads of your life again. I am sorry that your family has been throwing bad things your way and I do hope everything can be peacefully resolved in due course. You are so brave and strong, and I thank God for the faith He has given you to help you through all the difficulties. Your redecorating is lovely and gives a really peaceful feel. I am glad you didn't get rid of everything - sometimes it's a temptation to do so in a hurry but allowing yourself to think on it for a while is always a good thing.

    May the Lord bless and comfort you. Sending you hugs across the ocean.
    Shoshi xx

  24. Hi Connie, it is so good to hear from you again. I think about you quite often. I love the new color of your living room walls. It looks so serene. Good for you for keeping busy and doing projects.

    If it makes you feel any better, I think most of us have family problems and drama. Doesn't make the pain any less so. Just know that you're not alone.

  25. Hi Connie! It made my heart smile to see a post from you!
    I'm proud of you for doing all this. It looks so nice and cozy. I really like what you did. If I lived nearby I'd love to sit and visit with you here. :)

  26. I am glad to hear from you.I love the new color of your room.Sending hugs and blessings.

  27. Hi Connie,
    Your "new" living room looks so pretty and comfy. It seems gray has become a popular decorating choice these days, and is a lovely background for your cheerful chairs!
    Blessings, Linda

  28. Hi Connie, Gray seems to be the "in" color now so you are right in style! I like the Art Barn Chairs in your house! Also glad you kept that cute table and chair set. You have certainly been accomplishing a lot! Hugs, Nancy

  29. Oh Connie it is so good to see you posting again. That color of gray is beautiful and it goes so well with the furniture you have put in there. That does look like a nice table.
    I am so sorry that you are having family problems, I hope things get better for you.

  30. I love what you've done with your living room. Such a fresh new look --a 'Connie look.'
    What a lovely surprise to find your blog this evening. And you are so right: God is good all the time.

  31. Hi Connie :) I love the colour of your living room. Gray can be a very cozy and nurturing colour and the furniture looks great! Take care of yourself, sending love and hugs! xxx

  32. Connie. Your living room looks charming and cozy. It's nice you have been keeping busy and doing things you love.

  33. I just love the grey, now I wish I had of seen it before I painted our walls a tan called Macadamia.

  34. You have done a wonderful job with your living room makeover.
    Sorry to read that you have had a family disappointment as you say, onwards and upwards.
    So lovely to see you blogging, please dont give it up.

  35. It all looks beautiful, Connie. I do love the art barn chairs! and so glad you kept that sweet table and chairs. Keeping busy sure helps, doesn't it. I've thought about you a lot and hoped things were getting better for you. Love, Henny

  36. Connie, your 'new' room is so sweet and beautiful. I love everything! I've been thinking of you, dear girl. One day at a time, hon!

    Grace & Peace,

  37. Connie,, your living room looks so soft and inviting,, a lovely place to cozy up and read or catch up on some needle craft.
    Cherish your memories,, and look forward to making new ones.. let no one, family or friends discourage you from singing and shining in Gods Love.

  38. Looks amazing, Connie. Isn't it remarkable what a coat of new paint can do for a room? I'm sorry you had some family troubles... those are the worst, I think. I hope everything turns out alright.

  39. Connie, somehow I missed this post! Didn't know you had been redoing your living room! I love the soft gray.. it is very calming. Gray is one of my new fave colors as you can put any color or theme with it and it seems to look lovely no matter what. I think your Art Barn chairs look wonderful in there and the whole room does look girly and comfy and cozy. And then I see your next post that just came out today and that you built a bed frame! Wow... you go girl. And love the gray color in that room too. Using your gorgeous quilts adds to much homeiness to it all.. just love them. I'll shoot off an email to you also! Hugs... Marilyn

  40. Oh my, love the Hush grey! What interesting paint names! I just painted my living room as well with Moles Breath, crazy name huh? The living room is so cozy and pretty! The chairs are perfect. Everything looks so beautiful.