Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, August 7, 2020



 I have been enjoying so many of the 

wonderful pleasures of summer.

My Zinnias are giving me

such cheerful bouquets.

I've been eating from the garden.



Blackberry Pie


Tomatoes and Zucchini




And fresh Green Beans 

(not yet washed in this photo)

Inside the house I have been enjoying

the electric fans and on our 100+ days

the A/C has been delightful :)

I've done a little bit of baking,

like that Blackberry Pie 

in the photo above . . .

It sure is nice with a scoop or two of ice cream.

My devoted friend Butchy

has been right by my side

each and every day.

He is a treasure :)

Some of you may remember the quilt

that I started over 35 years ago

and pulled out this winter to

try and get finished.

Well, I hand quilted it 

and cut and sewed the blinding.


After I hem the blinding

I will post a photo of it finished . . .

I know, I know . . .

After 35 years in the making it is 

about time to be able to say,



Well, I had one more photo to post,

but this new Blogger format is driving

me crazy with being able to

align my text and photos.

Why Blogger?

You were not broke . . .

You didn't need fixing . . .

You were perfect the way you were . . .

We loved you!

Just the way you were :)


Can any of you say Amen to that?

Is it just me or what,

I use to publish a post with ease,

it was fun . . .

Now it's a stressful ordeal.

Why Blogger, Why? 

Your Blogging Sister,

 Connie 😫



  1. Hi, Connie. My garden has given me pleasure, also. Don't ya love zinnias? I don't use blogger anymore, but I have heard others complaining about the changes. Sometimes, it's just best to let it be! Hope you figure it out. God bless!

  2. Hi Connie, Amen for sure. I cringe every time our trusted things change. I am usually left in the dust. I love your quilt. I am now anxious to see it all done. Your garden has been very good, it seems. Oh yes pie and ice cream. Summertime. Zinnas come in so many pretty colors, and look special in a mason jar. Blessings to you sweet friend, stay safe. xoxo,love, Susie

  3. Hi again, Connie. Yes, I can say amen to that. Just when you get used to something, they've gotta go and change it ! WHY ? ? ? ? ?
    In fact I agree with pretty much all of your post. The flowers and veggies are so welcome, bring a singing to my heart, and I do appreciate my fur-baby companions. I've been able to use only the window fan for several days now, and the night's sleeping is so good with that really cool air brought in by the fan.
    Your home looks SO LOVELY. I adore those floors.....isn't that a silly thing to say? But it's coming from a girl with carpet in all but the kitchen and bath.
    I always love to find your posts........please don't let Blogger stop you !

  4. I can say "Amen" to that! I hate that I can no longer download all the photos I want to put in my blog and then go back and forth to the list and put them where I want them. Your flowers are lovely and yay for finishing your quilt. I can't wait to see it! Your garden is keeping you well fed! Have a good weekend!

  5. I've had problems with the new blogger and am so thankful for a DIL who helps me figure out what to do.
    100 degrees would cause me to wilt I'm sure. Soon it will be Fall, my favourite season. Your garden produce is lovely and the zinnias are amazing. For some reason I didn't sow any this year. I must remember to do so next year.
    Butchy is such a sweet little dog. I'm so glad you have him to keep you company.

  6. Connie, gardener extraordinaire, your flowers and veggies are beautiful. Don'tya feel healthier eating all the wonderful, garden fresh summer produce? And your home looks fresh and cool, too. Like you, I'm thankful for the a/c on these triple digit days. Are these what they call the 'dog days' of summer? They surely feel hot enough to make a dog howl! Speaking of dogs, your little Butchy looks like a cute little pal. And wowzer, that berry pie. Um Yum. I'll bring the ice cream! Thank you for sticking it out with Blogger. I understand your frustration. I get that way with MicroSoft sometimes when they change things that already worked fine. I'll pray with you about figuring it out or maybe finding a better solution. I believe God cares about every detail of our lives. Absolutely. Blessings, friend.

  7. Hello Connie, I agree about Blogger. I have just posted my first blog with the new system. It's not as good and I struggled. Your quilt looks beautiful.

  8. The pie and veggies look so healthy! Yes, even the pie. :)

    1. Came back again. It's good to have a friend like Butchy. A treasure and a blessing!

  9. Most people are saying the same, Connie...Why?? I changed back to the old format but I expect they will change me back again. I dont like it.
    Your rooms are so peaceful and calm with your gentle colour schemes.

  10. All the vegetables from your garden look so good and that pie looks incredibly delicious.
    I'm with you on the new blogger format. I don't like it. It was perfectly fine the way it was before.

  11. Hi Connie...As usual your photos are an inspiration. Great to see your enjoying your Garden's Produce. Just love your Lounge and decorations. On Blogger- I've been on the New Blogger a week now and am use to it now- can read your Blog and update my own - give it some time -it isn't all that bad and in some respects it is better. Regards. KEV.

  12. Good Morning Connie. I'm so happy to see you visit us. Your home looks so bright and cheerful. The pie. Oh my goodness, it looks scrumptious.
    The quilt is coming along in it's intended time. God provided it to work on at this moment in time.
    Take care my dear friend.

  13. Amen!Sweet and beautiful pictures!Hugs and blessings!

  14. Lots of beautiful and tasty garden produce. I am envious of those plump tomatoes, I bet they taste wonderful. Tomatoes need a green house to ripen here, such a shame. Your sweet little dog must appreciate the air-conditioning and the fans with the high temperatures you are experiencing.

    I have not experienced any issues with the new Blogger and I hope you get used to it soon, too. Writing a blog post should be enjoyable, not stressful.

    Have a good weekend x

  15. Hi Connie
    Its always so nice to read your blog, but sad you are having struggles with Blogger, as many are.
    Lovely garden produce, pretty flowers, ans oh, that quilt! It certainly looks delightful and so vintage, aas it is of course. You know the saying "Good things take Time.

  16. Nice to see your post today! You've been a busy bee! Ok that black berry pie looks like you should be sharing that with me! It looks super yummy! Cabbage is my favorite too, how do you prepare it im wondering. I like to fry it with egg noodles and sweet onions. That quilt is a beauty too. Love your little butchy hes a cutie pie! Keep cool and stay well lisa@Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  17. It is so good to hear again from you, Connie! I love seeing what's going on in your home and gardens. I'm glad you can find some simple pleasures in your beautiful flowers and in fresh baked pies and veggies from your garden. Love the views you showed of the interior of your house and Butchy is such a cute pup! Yes, the new Blogger format can drive you bonkers. I don't like it either.

  18. Lots of good things from your garden!!
    The pretty flowers sure stand out against all the white.
    The few problems I've had with the new blogger I've figured out. Just keep playing around with it. It isn't hard just a bit different. Good luck with it.

  19. Wow, that pie looks delish, your home is lovely...and yes, new Blogger is a pain. If it ain't broke, don't fix it has always served me well. Maybe thy should follow along!

  20. Hi Connie!
    I love seeing all the sweet, homey touches in your home. The flowers are pretty and that quilt is pretty. Your blackberry looks good.
    I'm very frustrated with the new blogger. I just said the same as you to another friend - why do they update something that is working just fine!

  21. Connie, you do bake the most delicious looking pies! Don't you wish we could keep the tomatoes and other vegetables coming on into winter? I've sure enjoyed those tomato sandwiches for lunch. I love your cozy little home. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. The colors look so pretty. Oh, I agree 100% about the new Blogger. It is so much more trouble than using the old one, which worked fine :( It's good to hear from you.

  22. Oh Connie.. your flowers and garden are being so fruitful for you.... it's a pure joy to see it all.. especially that blackberry pie! I love the colors in your house now.. they are so calming and serene.. the blues and whites.. love them.. and glad you have Butchy to keep you company. Better late than never to get your sweet quilt done! I have one that I started about 12 years ago and wonder if I'll EVER get it done! Maybe someday but better late than never I say. Yours will be so sweet.. and finished at a time when you need the comfort of it. I hope you are well friend.... would love to be sitting on your sweet porch sharing some of that pie! Hugs... Marilyn

  23. Congrats on finishing your quilt...everything in its own time! lol Your garden produce and flowers are wonderful! your home looks serene and inviting.
    I hate the new blogger format and have switched back to Legacy-which I understand is going away...and I might go away, too, from blogging. Life is too short to be frustrated with trying to post a blog (which used to be no chore at all).
    Blessings and love to you this Sunday- xo Diana

  24. I'm excited to see your finished quilt! I have some quilty things like that I started years ago that also need finishing but other things more important have taken that time from me in recent years. Ah, well. Maybe one day. // Yep, I cannot stand the new blogger (and I let them know via the feedback link!!). I reverted to the legacy version and will stay with it until they take it away, but I hope they don't! I'm just glad I was a web developer for so many years and know how bypass some of that stuff and add my own css coding to make things work. Blessings to you, Connie!

  25. It's always delightful to see your beautiful flowers and productive garden. Great job getting that quilt to the finish line.

  26. Hello from the state of Washington! I have been following your wonderful blog for a couple of years and I love all you post. I am also a quilter and love your Sun Bonnet Sue. What a beautiful hand quilting job you did! My quilt group out here where I live has been together for 20 years now, we made a Sun Bonnet Sue one year for our yearly quilt raffle. It, to this day, is still one of my favorites we have made! Love seeing your beautiful flowers and fruits of the earth!! My husband puts in a huge vegetable garden every year, we do a lot of canning! Today it is pears to preserve, so guess I had better get to it! Thank you for your uplifting blog Connie!