Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tweaking The House


Steve's Birthday was this week . . .

I decided to find some projects to help

get my mind off feeling sorry for myself.

It's an easy trap to fall into,

if you're not actively aware of the harm

it can do.  

Instead I want to hold fast to my 

storehouse of 

wonderful memories and blessings.



I ordered two white quilts 

from Amazon and then went out 

to my fabric stash and made

some new pillowcases. 


I had two red comforters that

were left from our sailboat.

They were put away and almost


I folded them at the foot of each bed.


The red and white quilt is 

one I made a few years ago.

The little heart banner was one 

I made to decorate the mantle one year.

And the framed artwork was made by 

two of our sweet little granddaughters,

years ago on a visit.

They always loved going crafts 

with Grandma 


Cooking with Grandpa.

This was a yard sale find

years ago . . . transformed

into a chalkboard.


  That's what I did with the bedroom.

By the way, it is available 

for guests.

On my last post I showed you

my painting project in the kitchen.


Well, I wasn't happy with the curtains.

So, I tweaked them, too.

All from my stash . . . Hey!!!


I think this goes better 

with our blue and white dishes.

Can't post without showing you 

how big my girl is growing.

She'll be 4 months old tomorrow.


If that wasn't enough to do . . .

I also started some peppers

and tomatoes in the mudroom.


I purchased one of these this year.

They are suppose to make your 

plants grow twice as fast. 


You know it won't be long before

gardening season :)


Last but not least . . .

I received this lovely 

thank you card from our three

great-grands for the quilts

I made them 💗

Well, that's my post.

If you're still here,

Thank you so much for sticking

with me.

You are all very special to me.


God bless you all!

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Your guest room is so lovely and inviting!

    1. Thank you. I love your profile photo, it looks like you're playing peek-a-boo :)

  2. If I come to stay in your guest room will you sleep in the other bed so that we can talk long into the night...and giggle like school girls? I love the pretty colors and it's fun to change things up! Enjoy your evening my friend! Lots of hugs, Diane

    1. Won't that be fun! I haven't giggled in a very long time :)

  3. Your guest room is just adorable - the red and white are so cozy in the room. Very sweet. And I love the curtains in the kitchen!

    1. Thank you. It's nice having a room ready if family or friends call and want to visit. It's also fun using what you have on hand so it's a no extra coast or trip to town looking for what you want but never can find. That's my problem, I always have it set in my mind what I'm looking for and the stores always have everything but that. When I make up my mind to use what I already have on hand, it takes the creating process in another direction all together.

  4. Dear Connie, you are a very brave and creative lady. You can't beat that combination. Love the tweaking you have been doing to your house. I did my tomato seeds today. Soon comes spring and happy gardening. I also planted old fashioned, tall zinnias. I hope they do well. I've always loved them, but have found it impossible to find them in the stores/nurseries for many years. Do you grow your own zinnia starts? Blessings!

    1. Hope you check your email, I just sent one your way.

  5. Hello Connie, The decorating in your beautiful guest room is so warm and cozy. All of the beautiful quilts, banners and pillow covers are just gorgeous and waiting for someone to snuggle into those beds. You are one talented lady. The kitchen curtains and skirt look much better now and I thought they looked good before. I'm praying for you my dear friend. I can only imagine how difficult it is. It is a sisterhood I'm in no hurry to join but I want you to know I'm here for you. As long as we're living here close to you, please feel free to contact us if Dennis or I can help in any way.
    Love and Blessings,

  6. Oh my! Love the curtain! I'm such a blue dish lover and the curtain definitely shakes hands with the dishes. I had a feeling you were going to make a change lol. The bedroom is super cute, it's wonderful that your creativity brings you joy as it does to your readers as well. Thankyou for sharing and for inspiring us, bless your heart Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  7. Love your little projects, you are one talented lady. The guest room is a delight, love how you you have put it all together. The curtains in the kitchen are a delight, simple but so very effective. The chalkboard sheer joy. Take care and stay strong.

  8. Greetings Connie- Yes indeed you have been keeping yourself very occupied with your crafts- you are a very gifted Lady. We're on our last evening of Summer- with tomorrow (Monday) being the start of Autumn- it has been a hot day here though very cool and comfortable this evening. I sure wish I could have shown Steve a photo of myself in Starfleet Uniform- he would have liked that. Stay well and safe there Connie- Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney- AUSTRALIA).

  9. I'm coming over to stay in your beautiful room! I do like the alterations in the kitchen, it raises the color scheme.

  10. Hello Connie, your room is charming with all the added touches of red. And I love the saying that you found at a yard sale years ago. That's so special. I hope the new year is being good to you so far. Your kitchen of blue and white is really nice. And I'm wondering if I should add touches of blue or red in my kitchen, now that I just moved to the mountains. : )


    1. Thank you Sheri, it is always a pleasure hearing from you. Truth is the frame is a chalkboard that I created from a mirror that I found at a yard sale. The saying that I wrote on it is from a song we used to sing in Sunday school when our daughter was a little girl.

  11. What a fresh and beautiful guest room. Your quilt is just the shining star among all the beautiful accents in the room. I must be hungry; I thought the seed peat pots were a big waffle floating in a bucket of syrup. Those heat mats do work, I once had one and learned not to start my seeds TOO early because they grew so fast.

  12. love everything about this post♥ your quilts, the adorable cards from the grands, starting your plants♥ and the toile in the curtains! thanks for sharing. I am going to start my zinnias from seeds this year. I love those flowers so much! Be safe and healthy, Connie.

  13. I really like how you tweaked that bedroom. So pretty.
    Beulah is getting SO big and she's beautiful. She does look like she could be a handful though.
    I hope you'll post in time about the heating mat and whether it made a difference in the time it took for seeds to sprout.

  14. Wow girl.... you have been BUSY!!!! I love all that you've done. The guest beds are ready to receive guests! I love the white comforters and all the pops of red and the darling heart banner. I love how you've taken things from your own stash.. things that bring back memories of your Steve and the love you share. My mom and dad had a little place at the Oregon coast that had a guest room with twin beds and white comforters and lacy bedskirts. I always loved that room! Was all blue and white.. and so I love your kitchen too with the blue dishes and pops of blue on your curtains. You are so creative! And the card from your great grands is just darling and I bet that touched your heart. I know March is a hard month for you.. please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs..... Marilyn

  15. I give you so much credit for keeping busy with all this beautiful, creative work. You probably don't realize it, but you are an inspiration in this way! Sometimes I go through periods of time where my anxiety gets the best of me or where I'm feeling very down, and I get in a slump and don't have any motivation. Your puppy is so cute and wow, did she ever get big! She's so you know what breeds she is? Sending you love and blessings!

  16. I knew it Connie, I had a feeling you were going to tweek something. I love the new curtains! Your such an inspiration showing how you use your creativity to bring joy. Ok so the guest room is beautiful and fun a place to cozy up and get a good night sleep. Little things like the heart garland add so much fun. Can't wait to see what you cook up next. Your fur baby I'd a cutie! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N ' Salty Air

  17. Your guest room is lovely, so fresh and clean looking. What lucky guests!! Wow your puppy is sure getting big!!

  18. Happy Birthday to Steve in heaven. Another one of those difficult firsts for you.
    The bedroom looks great and I like the addition to the kitchen curtains.
    That thank you note is simply adorable

  19. You did a great job! The room looks cozy and inviting. I think Steve would be very proud of you, not just for what you are doing but for your attitude. I'm sure it's a day by day challenge.

  20. Your red and white bedroom is so pretty! It just makes you want to snuggle down for a nap...The blue curtains really look nice with your dishes. And speaking of snuggling..the puppy is adorable!
    Blessings, Linda

  21. You have done a lovely job with the guest room, love all the hearts, pillows and pretty quilts to go with your pretty comforters.
    Good luck with growing your seedlings, I am getting excited for spring to come.
    Your furbaby is too cute, getting so big.
    Big Hugs to you as you remember your hubby's many birthdays you have shared with him over the years!

  22. Such a sweet guest room, Connie. It is calm and inviting and looks so so comfortable. It is good to keep busy when grief feels overwhelming. Holding you in my thoughts x

  23. I just love your guest room! It is so cozy and inviting... your guests won't want to leave. It is so nice to be able to use what you have isn't it?

  24. Beautiful, as always ~!~ I never was one to put much emphasis on Valentine's Day, so it passed without much thought here. Then a week later, I received a lovely valentine's card........from my brother-in-law who lives in California. He lost my sister the same year that I lost James. Wasn't that sweet of him to remember me ? He texted later to tell me that he sent it on time, but the snowstorm caused the delay. But, oh, did I care? I was thrilled at the thoughtfulness.

    Your home is truly welcoming, I feel as though I actually visit each time you make a post like this. LOVING THE CARD !

  25. Your guest room looks so welcoming with all the hearts.
    I hope the heat mat works and your plants thrive. Always good to get a good head start on the season :)
    Take care, Mxx

  26. Your guest room is charming, Connie. The red and white quilt you made is stunning. You're quite the quilter. I can't believe how big your pup is now! She's beautiful. I know you're looking forward to being outside in your garden again. The thank you note from your great grands is sweet. Now I'm off to check out your kitchen painting project! Hugs, Nancy