Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, March 18, 2021

New Quilt & Puppy Dogs

Spring is right around the corner 
and with it comes
new life and new possibilities.

It is a struggle to look to the future
when your heart longs for the past. 

You have to look at what is true
and not to where your emotions
try to lead you.

The truth is God knows what He is doing. 
He has a plan.
I am His & He is mine.
He will never forsake me.
He is Love.

The quilt in these photos
is my latest.
This is the back of it.

I also thought some of you
might enjoy seeing my fur babies.
As you can see Butchy once
was the big boy, 
now he's the little guy.

Beulah is almost 5 months old.

That's it for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the Plans I have for by VinylCreator

Thank you for being my friends.
I think the word friends
has lost some of it's meaning
because of the media.
But it is not lost to me . . .
friends are people that connect 
through the heart, not merely
through clicking a button
on the internet. 

Bless you all
and may you have a wonderful day.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


  1. Fabulous quilt, Connie and your fur babies are adorable. Take care. xx

  2. Connie, I've taken a break at the minute due to some health problems, but couldnt resist reading your post and sending a comment. Your quilt is just lovely, so cheerful. And those funny little dogs!!

  3. Such a pretty new quilt to welcome Spring in your part of the world. Live the doggy photos,hasn't the baby grown! It's always so nice to hear from you, Connie.

  4. We've sure relied on our friends this past year. It's been hard and so much harder for those like you that lost a loved one. I pray for you every day...that's for friends are for! LOVE your quilt and those fur babies are the cutest! What fun they must be. Enjoy your afternoon!

  5. Connie, Your post squeezed my heart. I was just crying and feeling so I came to look at blogs to take my mind from my heartache. I know you have heartache also. It is hard to look to the future. I know I much. I loved your pretty quilt. Your doggies are pretty cute. They probably are lots of fun too. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo,love you, Susie

  6. The quilt is beautiful.
    The fur babies are so cute. Beulah is growing fast.
    I know what you mean about the emotions trying to lead you. I still have days like that

  7. The newest quilt is so cheery and bright. Spring-like.
    Beulah has grown even more than in the last pic and I'm wondering if at 5 months she still has growing to do. She and Butchy seem to be friends now which is a good thing.
    Take care and remember that many of us are keeping you in our prayers.

  8. What a beautiful quilt!!!
    You fur babies are adorable and I'm sure a great comfort to you.

  9. You are so talented! I love the quilt.
    The puppies are so cute!
    Most of all I love your testimony. You are a blessing to me.

  10. Your quilt is a breath of spring air. Thanks for sharing! Be well and enjoy your pups♥

  11. Beulah is so pretty, and Butchy is adorable. Your post really touched my heart. Especially this part, I felt it was speaking directly to me: "It is a struggle to look to the future
    when your heart longs for the past." And the encouraging words that follow really help.

  12. Oh, I just love your quilt!!! Your furbabies are just precious! We had to put our Coco to sleep a little over a week ago after 15 years. It was hard and I really miss her but could not stand to see her suffer. Then we were ripped off by some hobby breeder that didn't even exist. I fell in love with a picture of that puppy so was heart broken from that also. Now we are on a waiting list at a dealer that Bob got the name from AKC but the breed we want we won't be able to get till summer. I love seeing the pictures of your doggies. Nancy

  13. Hello my dear friend. I was so happy to see your blog pop up in my list. I've been thinking of you a lot lately and regretting that I'm moving away before we even got a chance to meet in person. This darn Covid has stolen much hasn't it? Your quilt is so cheerful and happy and so is the furniture on your porch. I can imagine sitting there with a glass of tea and chatting and sharing together with your two little ones by our feet. They are so precious. My heart hurts for you my dear friend, but you are right. The Lord knows what is best. We need to lay ourselves at His feet and hold on for dear life. Wishing you and happy day tomorrow as you rest in the knowledge that Steve is waiting for you just beyond our sight. You'll keep on serving God and loving everyone here and someday soon we'll all be with those who are waiting. Love you lots Connie.
    Blessings and hugs,

  14. Your new quilt is just beautiful, Connie! I like the touch of the flowers in the middle making it feel cheerfully springlike!

    I loved the shot of your dogs and it really looks as if they get on well together which is so good! I love the way Butchy is looking at Beulah when she was just a puppy! It looks as if she will still grow some more too!

    The present moment is a gift that is ours to enjoy and in which we can find contentment when we let it.

  15. Hi Connie- Glad your keeping busy with your Quilting- absolutely marvelous. Great that Spring in on the way there- we're in Autumn here and we are experiencing heavy rains all along the East Coast. I'm battling a bad cold/flu these past two days- hope the tablets I bought to-day work. Best Wishes to you Connie. KEV.

  16. This is a beautiful quilt; the colors are so vibrant against the white background.
    Betsy (above) has said what I feel for you; I do admire the way you are finding ways
    to continue your life. I'm sure the puppies are a great comfort for you.

  17. Hi dear Connie.. I was so happy to see your post last night! Your words hit my heart as it's the way I feel concerning my son.... I long for the past but must look to the future.. I spend too much time living in the past and reminiscing and wishing I could relive it. I know there are bright spots here and there as I move forward in life, and I have to love and cherish those, and reassure myself that my son is sharing those with me, even now. I'm happy to see your new wonderful quilt. I bet it was fun to make with all those strips! and love the hexies in the center. One of these days I'll get my quilting hat on and just do it! Right now I have my papercrafting hat on as seem obsessed with it. I love how Butchey is looking down at Beulah in the first photo, and then has to look UP to see her as the months have gone by. I bet Miss B will get even larger! She looks like she would be fun to cuddle! Hugs to you... Marilyn

  18. Connie I do love that Spring holds the promise of all things are new again, I pray for you peace, love and hope for each new day!
    Your quilt is lovely, like the hexies inside and the pretty fabrics you used, the quilting looks great!
    Your furbabies are the cutest, I am sure they bring much joy!

  19. Hi Connie. Your new quilt is so pretty and summery. Perfect, 'cause if DST is here, summer cannot be far behind. Seems like time is flying these days --as the photos of the fur babies illustrate. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I know those are hard-earned words --and yet God's promise in Jer 29:11 lifts us up, especially in those difficult times. Blessings, friend!

  20. Hello dear Connie. What a pretty and bright new quilt you've created. Your puppies look so very sweet. I can only imagine the loneliness you feel, and pray that God will continue to comfort you in these hard days. Hugs,

  21. Connie, your quilt is beautiful! Your outlook on life is truly definitely have a couple of cuties there, it must be fun watching them interact. Soon you will be gardening and celebrating the Spring season. Embrace life my friend. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N Salty Air

  22. Your quilt is SO beautiful Connie! You are so talented! I just love the bright happy spring colors! Your pups are just the cutest ever! I'm sure they are lots of company for you, and so entertaining! Our animals bring such joy into our lives. Continuing to pray for you dear friend, sending love and hugs :)