Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, April 5, 2021

Senior Moment & Porch Makeover


The first thing I want to do is apologize 

for a mistake I made two posts ago. 

I had the month and day of my first post

 correct, but I had the year wrong. 

I started my blog on January 6th 

my mother's birthday. 

But the year was 2012 and not 2006 

(2006 was the year she passed, 

one day before her 100th birthday). 

We'll call it a senior moment 

I got my years mixed up.  

So, I've actually only 

been blogging for 9 years.

I've been working on a 

front porch makeover.

So, first I'm going to show you

some of the changes to our

front porch since we purchased 

our country home in  April 3, 2014



This is how it looked when we bought it.


After painting, but before railing.


After we built the railing.


Our porch is a place to sit 

and watch the world go by.

We loved sitting together there in the 

morning and evening and when

the farmer across the road bailed his hay.

It's not the same now . . .

but life goes on, and the Good Lord

has a plan for us that are here.

We loved our little porch,

and I still do.


In my next post I'll show you my

Spring 2021 Front Porch Makeover.

(hint: blues and greens)


Have a lovely day . . .

Wednesday morning I'll be having

cataract surgery.

Please send a little prayer my way.

Thank you so much.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :) 



  1. I love what you've done to your house. It was a cute house before you started but the white paint and the nice railing make it even better. It looks like a wonderful spot to sit and relax and enjoy a glass of ice tea or lemonade. I'm looking forward to seeing the porch makeover!!

  2. Your porch has been a delight to y'all and it looks so pretty in every pic!
    I will certainly say a prayer for your surgery for Wednesday. I have a prayer journal and I shall go write your name in it right now lest I forget. I have senior moments, too!

  3. My husband just finished cataract surgery on each eye. He was so apprehensive for the first eye, but then totally relaxed once he went through it. He was in and out so fast, with most of his time just being the resting flat part before they let you get up and go home. I will say a little prayer that all goes well and it is not too stressful! Your home is so lovely. Adding those railings was the perfect touch for your porch.

  4. Your porch is just beautiful and makes your lovely home very special. I especially love the railing. It makes it so friendly and welcoming. You have added your own special decoration touches too.

    Sending thoughts your way for your cataract surgery tomorrow.

  5. So many lovely photos of your pretty porch make me feel I was almost there! You have made it so attractive with the rails and the paint, and of course, plants which make such a difference.
    Two of my friends have recently had cataract surgery and say it makes a real difference to their sight. Praying for you Connie. x

  6. The two of you did a fantastic job on the makeover. I love the way it looks. That railing sure was the perfect final touch too.
    Best of luck with the cataract surgery. I'll be sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

  7. Painting and railing the porch has made such a difference. It is such a welcoming place. I wish we had a porch like this but the building style here in the UK is very different. My mum had her cataract surgery a few weeks ago, one eye after the other. She says she feels like a new person and her sight is amazing. I am sure all will go well with your surgery and it will be really worth it. I'll send a positive thought your way on Wednesday x

  8. Connie, I just love your beautiful porch. It makes me so sad to think that you have to sit there alone now, bless your dear heart. May the Lord comfort you in each moment of grief. You do such a wonderful job of decorating and making everything so homey and inviting. Sending hugs to you today.

  9. Hi Connie- Thanks for showing us your lovely Porch and the changes you have made over the years. My Partner Chris had her cataracts done some time back - it all went very well and Chris only needs Glasses to read small print. Good luck for Wednesday there at the Surgery. Bit of rain to-night though nothing like what we had last month with the Floods. Best Wishes. KEV.

  10. Hi Connie, what a difference some paint and railing makes. Your porch is a great place to spend a summer afternoon. Your a great inspiration lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  11. Good luck tomorrow !!! And love your craftsman !!!

  12. Your porch railing is very nice and a lovely addition. Our porch is fairly high off the ground and I've been "begging" for a railing for years. Also, your hand rails at the steps are a wonderful safety feature, one I desperately need at my age! You'll be fine with the cataract surgery and it makes so much difference in your ability to see things clearly.

  13. Dear Connie just said a prayer that your cataract surgery goes fine. Your porch is lovely and I would just love to sit there and visit with you. I am sure you miss your dear hubby. Hope as you rest in God's comfort you are filled with wonderful memories. Hugs!

  14. Your porch is so inviting and comfortable. (Beautiful tulips!) Sitting on it and watching "the world go by" would be so pleasant..
    I will pray for your surgery to be successful.
    Blessings, Linda
    Ps. I have more "senior moments" than I care to admit. :)

  15. Love the red furniture and tulips! Who would have thought a railing could make such a huge difference? I like it!

  16. You've done a great job with your front porch. It looks so homey and welcoming. A wonderful place to sit. I love our front porch too and sit out there often. I'm going out there in just a bit to read!
    Will be praying all goes well with your surgery tomorrow.

  17. Your porch looks very inviting.
    Hoping your cataract surgery goes well.

    All the best Jan

  18. I think the railing adds so much to your porch, and it must be wonderful to sit there peacefully watching the farmer in his field. Not the same when enjoyment as when you had your wonderful hubby's company, of course, you will always miss him, but peaceful never the less.
    Best of luck with your cataract surgery, I've had mine done without any problems at all. It will make such a difference to you.

  19. You have added such charm to your porch! It looks like a wonderful place to sit and visit.
    Praying for your surgery to go well. My sister just had both eyes done and said it has been an amazing help!

  20. You and Steve made your home look so cozy and pretty with the porch railing and other projects. It would be a great place to watch the world go by. I hope your surgery tomorrow goes well and that you are home and recovering before you know it. Praying for you.

  21. You both did a beautiful job with that porch, it is so nice and cozy now, just lovely!
    Praying for your surgery on Wednesday, I hope you have the same good results as I did after having both of mine done.

  22. Your home looks so much nicer than when you bought it. How do you keep those beautiful hollyhocks from getting rust on their leaves? Prayers. Nancy

  23. Good luck with the surgery. I know you will be fine.

    I love your porch. Our house had no porch and I dreamed of one for years. I think it took almost 27 years to build the porch of my dreams but it was the best thing we did. It is so wonderful to sit on a front porch and watch the world go by! (hugs).

  24. I love what you have done to your porch, so pretty and comfortable to watch the world go by. You are in my prayers Connie, hope all goes well.

  25. I hope your cataract operation goes well (or has gone well), dear Connie. I love The Porch, especially after you added the railings - what a wonderful place to sit out together (and now a lovely place for gathering memories). Sending hugz, Mxx

  26. I always thought it was amazing how much work you and your husband did to beautify your property. I love the railing that was put up around the porch and even the new paint job made it look entirely brand new! I can't wait to see what it looks like now that you've painted it again. It is now Wed afternoon, so your cataract surgery should be over. I hope all went well and that your healing process will go smoothly.

  27. Your porch looks so lovely and what a great place to sit and relax.
    I had cataract surgery on both eyes. I recently had my yearly checkup and they are both 100%.
    I see much better for driving. I still need reading glasses.
    Praying all goes well for you.

  28. Sending good vibrations for your surgery and recovery. Love the transformation of your porch! The railing made such an improvement. Be safe and well and keep sewing!

  29. Oh Connie I loved your before and after pictures! Love the blue floor on your porch and the blue door... and the railing makes it so homey and cozy! I missed this blog post somehow so didn't know you were having cataract surgery. I hope it went well. And I see another post just popped up last night, so hoping you gave us an update on that surgery. To me.. a front porch is the heart of the home.. even maybe more so than the kitchen. I've only had front porches a couple of times, and loved them both so much! I noticed those holly hocks on the one side of your porch. How do you get them to grow so big???? I've planted them several times here and they just don't grow more than a foot high, and then just kind of die. I don't know if I water them too much or not enough! I thought they needed LOTS of sunlight, as they grew wild all over The Dalles, OR when I lived there. So I figure they probably don't need much water and maybe I overwatered. Anyway.. yours are gorgeous, as are the red tulips. Hugs... Marilyn