Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Front Porch Makeover


 I promised photos 

of my front porch makeover.

 I went from reds to blues and greens

and did it on a budget . . . 


I bought this little basket

of silk flowers to hang 

on the front door,

but first I painted the door

a soft aqua blue.


I spray painted the 

old red glider,

aqua blue.



and our old milk can 

table base as well :)



Then spray painted this 

old terracotta and metal

plant stand, white.

I should have taken a before

photo of this,

it was ready for the junkyard.

It is amazing sometimes

what a little spray paint can do :) 


The outdoor rugs 

I purchased at Walmart.

I still have a couple of things

to do, but this is

basically, my transformation.


All I need is a warm day, 

a pitcher of lemonade

and a friend to share it with.


Come join me :)



I want to thank all of you 

that prayed for me,

my surgery went very well. 

I did have a little scare,

and another problem arise,

(may share about it later)

but all in all the surgery was 


I will be having it done on my

right eye next Thursday.

Please pray for me again.

I truly appreciate it.




Thank you for visiting . . .

come again, 

my welcome-mat is always out.



Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Your porch makeover looks wonderful, you can be very proud of yourself! I'd love to come and sit with you on your porch, but we will have to make do with being friends from afar. Sorry to hear you had a bit of a scare with your surgery, do hope it all came right at the end, and that your second eye OP goes smoothly.

  2. You have done a great job it looks wonderful. It would be so nice to come and sit awhile to catch up. You remain in my prayers Connie, hope all goes well for your next surgery.

  3. Hi Connie- Your Porch Make Over is splendid - a nice choice of colors and fabrics. Glad that your Surgery went well and good luck for the 2nd Op. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney-Australia).

  4. Hi glad your surgery went well.....I love, love, love your porch I would love to visit and share a glass of cold lemonade with you on a Summer afternoon....great transformation!

  5. Always praying for you sweet friend. Wish I could come sit on the pretty porch with you. Be safe and prayers for a successful surgery. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Wonderful!Sending prayers. Hugs and blessings.

  7. So lovely, elegant, welcoming and a real transformation.

  8. I am glad the eye surgery went well! My husband is still having trouble with the glare from the sun, but they gave him dark glasses to wear and that is helping him.

  9. Good Morning, Connie! I'm thanking the Lord for walking you thru the eye surgery and associated issues. Praying re the next. My dear hub went thru it less than a year ago. With covid restrictions at that time, just squeaked under the wire in time to pass his driver license renewal. I suppose I'm in line for it this fall. Maybe your dr told you this? 3 things we all get: gray hair, wrinkles and cataracts.

    What a lovely porch redo! That rug is awesome. And your paints are great with it. Loved seeing your porch before shots. The railing and paint made a huge difference. I like that you have kept the plantings simple. The tulips in spring are striking in their simplicity. And of course, hollyhocks are a favorite of mine. (Why won't they grow for me!) Both well suit the Craftsman style, too. A lovely place for quiet contemplation. Aren't porches just the thing? If I could, I would take you up on your invitation --every day. :-) Unfortunately, there are way too many miles between us.

    Blessings, Connie. Stay well. You are in my prayers.

  10. Glad to hear your surgery went fine and will be praying this Thursday too.
    Nice job on your porch - nice to have a change every so often.

  11. Your transformation is lovely and so inviting. I would love to join you for a glass of lemonade and a visit. It looks like a cozy space to chat or read or nap. Well done! I'm glad your surgery went well and will keep you in my prayers for Thursday. Have a great week.

  12. I'm so impressed with the new look on your porch. You've made it even more cozy that it was before. I agree that a coat of paint can make such a big difference. If you have time check out what a coat of paint did for my cupboard this past week.

  13. Hi Connie. Love love love your porch makeover! It is so soft and calming and love the aquas and whites and some green. That rug is stunning! It really IS amazing what some spray paint can do! I have two old redwood chairs that I just HAVE to get painted this summer. Want to do them white or aqua, as I have lots of aqua on my other planters and a bench.. also love pink, but don't think I will "do" pink redwood chairs! So glad to hear your surgery went well and the other issue came out OK. I will pray for your next surgery too. My hubby will probably be having his eyes done this summer too.. he is blind almost in one eye and they can't correct it at all with glasses or contacts.. plus they may do another cornea transplant. He's had one in each eye already. Poor guy. Can't see worth beans really. I hate the idea of you sitting on that wonderful porch alone.. I hope your neighbors will come join you often.. and maybe bloggers who live close??? Lemonade and frosted oatmeal cookies are just perfect for a cool summer's afternoon on that porch! Hugs to you... Marilyn

  14. Your porch makeover is beautiful! Love the colors. Aqua blue is one of my favorites. Oh dear on the eye complication. I hope you're doing OK. Of course, I will be praying for you again this Thursday. {{hugs}}

  15. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well, but it's too bad about a scare. Will pray this week for success. I love blues and greens so your porch transformation really hit a chord with me. So pretty!

  16. Oh Connie, the porch looks amazing. I love the colors you chose. I wish I lived close enough that I could join you for some lemonade.
    So glad your surgery went well. Prayers for your next one

  17. Your porch is so cozy and inviting! I'm so impressed with all that you did on a budget! The rugs is very pretty.
    Glad you are doing ok after surgery and will be praying for this one too.

  18. So good to hear your surgery went well and pray the other goes even more smoothly.
    your porch looks fantastic, I love that color you used, love it and such pretty rug and flowers to adorn your door!

  19. Your porch is lovely Connie. I can see your beautiful impeccable style written all over it! I had wanted to try to come visit you last week before I left but time filled up so rapidly that before I knew it, it was time to leave.
    Take care my dear friend.
    Blessings and hgs,

  20. You're in my prayers Connie!!! I hope it goes well. Your front porch makeover is GORGEOUS. I love what you did with the milk can!!! :)

  21. Love your porch make-over, it looks so calm and peaceful. I can imagine how lovely it would be to sit out there with you on a warm day with a cold lemonade :)

  22. Connie, will be praying for you....your porch looks amazing. Looks like a great place to sit and chat with a cold beverage. The power of paint is incredible! I seem to also embrace the greens and blues this season. Enjoy your porch and be well my friend. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  23. I do like your porch makeover it looks very nice.
    Sorry to read you had a scare with your surgery, hope it has been/can be rectified.
    Hoping your second eye procedure goes well.

    All the best Jan

  24. Your porch transformation is cheery and charming, Connie. I love the aqua color. Everything works so well together. I'm praying for tomorrow's surgery. Hugs.