Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Monday, July 12, 2021

Coffee Table Make Over & Making Jam



I do hope you've all had a 

lovely weekend . . .

I'm sitting around today

not doing much at all,

but the weekend and the few day

leading up to it were full of projects.



One of the things that I had to do

was get the A/C unit recharged.

We had temperatures as high as 116 

and I was three days without A/C.


The air intake is under the sofa.

I got to thinking that having that

storage chest in front of the 

sofa probably wasn't the best idea.


So, I went out to Steve's shop

where I have a lot of things 

put aside for a yard sale.

One of them being our old coffee table.



It seemed having a table in front 

of the sofa to allow air flow

would be more efficient.

So, I decided to give this table a make-over.




Of course I can't do anything 

without making a mess.

I used leftover paint from

painting the front door for this project.



Here it is finished.

I did a little distressing . . .

Then if it does get bumped or scratched,

it's never noticed.

Not by me or anyone else, LOL. 


And here it is back in the house.

I'm so glad that I haven't had

my yard sale, yet.

You have no idea how many things

I've gone out and retrieved. 



I also made jam

from a recipe I found on You-Tube.

I had some rhubarb so I did a search

for rhubarb recipes.

If you want the recipe 

go to You Tube and type in:


Parsnips and Parsimony

Making and Canning 

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jello Jam

It's made with rhubarb, crushed pineapple 

and strawberry jello.

No pectin.


This was my view out the kitchen 

window as I worked.

Our neighbor was mowing his hay :)



I had enough rhubarb leftover to bake muffins.

 They were nice to have on hand,

because one of my out of town girlfriends

stopped and spent Sunday night with me

on her trip back home, after visiting 

with her sisters.


I've been blessed with wonderful

and very supportive friends

and amazing family encouragement

and love.

We are living through trying times.

Remember to put God first. . .

He loves it when we come to Him 

with our problems instead of trying

to figure it all out on our own.


My goodness, 

He is so much wiser than we are :)

Why do we sometimes wait until things

are overwhelming before we call on Him? 


Have a lovely week and thank you 

for stopping by to visit.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Oh, Connie, I just love your coffee table makeover It really gives your living room a lift. Pretty color and beautiful wood top. Your pup looks pretty happy there. :) The jam looks yummy. How nice that you had a girlfriend visit. I'm sure that was a blessing for both of you. I'm glad you didn't have your yard sale. Sometimes we weed things out too soon, and it's good to wait awhile to see if we change our mind. I know I've gotten rid of things that I wish I had kept. "Remember to put God first. . .He loves it when we come to Him with our problems instead of trying to figure it all out on our own." So very true, my friend. So very true. Have a great week! Hugs.

  2. It's lucky you still had the coffee table. It looks great by the way, and so do the muffins! Good job.

  3. Connie - I love the table! It really turned out nice.
    Don't you love haying season? I love the smell and seeing those bales out there.
    Good advice at the end of your post.

  4. Your table makeover looks wonderful! I love that color and that you kept the top a more natural color. Very pretty! Jam and muffins, oh boy! I'm sorry you've had to cope with the heat without a/c! This has become a very hot summer for far too many. Your view out the kitchen window is so nice. I would enjoy watching a farmer work in his field while washing the dishes. Very relaxing, I imagine. Thank you for the spiritual advice. The world's problems are so distracting that it's easy to take our eyes off of God and despair. Can't let ourselves do that! Take care!

  5. Your coffee table is adorable! I just love what you did with it. I feel so bad about those high temperatures and no air conditioning. I know our ancestors did it and I don't remember anyone I knew as child having an air conditioned house, but gosh, I can barely stand the 90's.

    Your rhubarb muffins look delicious.

  6. The newly refinished coffee table looks amazing and you painted it my new favourite colour. I bought 3 spray cans of Seafoam I think it was and in no time I'd used those up so now I have a can of it and can paint everything in sight. Your jam looks and sounds delicious. I must see if I can harvest more rhubarb from our little patch.
    Take care dear friend.

  7. Oh, you CLEVER GIRL, you ! I adore what you've done with that coffee table. I might have been brave enough to paint, but never would I have made the top as beautiful as you have done ! Such an inviting home you have......I love that you have stop-over guests . Sounds just right for just what I've learned of you through your sweet blog. If I didn't have two cats that would be left alone, you might find ME stopping in for some of that deliciousness you're always sharing photos of ! Yum....muffins and jam ........SWOON !

  8. Two thumbs up for your "new" coffee table!!

  9. Oh my Connie! the first thing I thought was.... "how did she get that table into the house by herself??"... how did you anyway??? maybe you had a little help! I hope so! The color is gorgeous.. love it.. and did you also redo the top? It's really beautiful. I agree with Nancy.. I still regret some things that I sold (gave away) at yard sales! Wish I wouldn't have but was trying to be "good" and purge. I say keep what we love! I hope your AC is fixed now and it's still so hot! We're right at the 100's every day, or 102 or so. At least the nights are cooler. I'm so glad you had a friend come for a visit.. how nice is that? Take care of yourself.. and oh.. that jam recipe looks delicious and so does the muffin! Hugs.. Marilyn

  10. You are so wise, I have been guilty of trying to figure things out for myself instead of going to God first. Love the table, a great makeover, such a lovely colour.

  11. WOW, that coffee table looks amazing. I love it and your living room looks so inviting.
    That jam sounds delicious
    You are so right about asking for Gods help. I've learned that figuring things out on my own never works as well as when I ask for His guidance

  12. Hi Connie- Well done on the make-over of the Table - looks absolutely brilliant! Glad you have Friends that call in...we're in complete Lock Down here and will be for awhile- no visitors to our house and we cannot go anywhere unless very necessary. Have a great week there Connie. Regards. kEV.

  13. You are blessed with the decorating gene! Your "new" coffee table is beautiful!

  14. You did a marvelous job on that coffee table, it looks great!

  15. The turned out great. What a difference. I've done the same as you - taking things back after I decided I didn't want it. :)
    I'd love some of your jam on my English muffin!!

  16. Great job on the coffee table makeover, Connie. It could be on an episode of Flea Market Flip, lol. A great comfort to have your friend visit you. Enjoy your week.

  17. Ok now that coffee table is gorgeous! I'm partial to that joyous color, I use it alot. How did you get the top like that? It's beautiful, a great addition to your living room. When I hearabout rhubarb it brings back such great childhood memories while we were making mudpies we would sneak to the Garden and pick us a snack. Lol loved the bitter unique taste. The jam sounds amazing, and the muffin ....well I'd love one. Love all your recipes and projects thanks for sharing.god is certainly great. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  18. Your coffee table is gorgeous! What a can of paint will do is amazing. What did you do to the top - did you stain or varnish it in any way? I bet your jam is delicious. I cut the last of my rhubarb a couple of days ago and made a strawberry-rhubarb crumble. I still have some leftover rhubarb and just bought more strawberries, so next is muffins.

  19. Oh that is terrible that you didn't have air conditioning in those temperatures. I do love your coffee table it is beautiful, I love the color you chose to paint it!! So wonderful you didn't get rid of it1!
    So nice to be enjoying such wonderful goodies from your garden! I am so glad you have had visitors and family stopping by.
    I think the older I get the easier it is to appreciate all God has done in my life and how I need him to get me through every day and before I go to bed I thank him for all the things he did to get me through my day, both physically and emotionally :) Take care!

  20. Good Morning Connie! I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner but we JUST got our internet and power back from the storm last Friday. Goodness! It was a doozy!
    I love your coffee table makeover and your entire living room. It looks so calm and soothing. I also think your jam looks delicious and those muffins! Oh my! I'm so glad you had a friend to visit. We all need friends, especially in the times we're living in. I also think your "puppy" is the cutest.
    Blessings and love,

  21. Love your newly done coffee table! That quilt looks so pretty on your couch too! Your friend was so lucky to have one of those delicious looking muffins and I bet a dab of that jam was delicious on one. Your place looks so welcoming. Nancy

  22. You get so much done, even with no AC, which is extremely sapping of energy! I LOVE the "new" coffee table. The color is GORGEOUS. I don't know why, but paint cans fall over easily. More easily than other containers!

  23. Connie I love your living room! It just looks so safe and cozy and peaceful. Can't really explain it but It looks so protected from the outside world...a place I would love to spend time in. It's perfect. The coffee table turned out so pretty! Your jelly looks delicious!

  24. Your coffee table update is beautiful. I love the colour. Having good air conditioning in those temperatures is important.

  25. Ooh muffins and jam!!! I love the coffee table Connie! :)

  26. Hi Connie! Wow! I love the color of the coffee table! Well done!

  27. I love the color you chose for the coffee table and you did such a wonderful job! Your room looks so fresh and pretty! Hope you AC continues to keep you cool. The jam and muffins look delicious!

  28. I bought some blue paint to "re-do" a cabinet in our living room but I've had a hard time motivating myself to made such a drastic change. You've inspired me! Your muffins look so yummy and strawberry rhubarb jam sounds delicious too. Enjoy the rest of your week.