Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

My Faith Quilt


I want to share my latest quilt with you. 

I've been working on this quilt 

for almost 2 years.


It's made from scraps 

and hand quilted.

There is no pattern . . .

just put together in a way to

use up a drawer full of scraps. 

The back is white and here you can see 

some of the many hand stitches.



I've never quilted an entire quilt by hand

without leaving a spot of blood somewhere.



This photo is for Nancy of Cozy Thyme Cottage.

Nancy asked, why I have notches in my circle.

If I line up the notches with 

the circle before it.  

I can space them perfectly apart.


Once I quilt around my felt template,

I go around it again to 

make a double line design. 


This week my zinnias started to bloom.

I love these little cheery flowers.



I've also started eating from the garden.

The Joy Of The Lord 

Is My Strength!

Nehemiah 8:10



I'm calling this quilt my "Faith Quilt".

The two years that it took me to 

make it have been the hardest times

of my life . . .

but through it all, my precious Savior

has been right by my side.

Showing His great love in so many ways.

My faith is so much stronger and 

I know that no matter what happens

in my life, He will never forsake me.


God bless you all

and thank you for stopping by 

to visit.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Beautiful quilt and even more beautiful testimony!

  2. What a lovely and interesting quilt! There's so much to look at. All the different patterns to keep your eyes going hither and yon. I guess you could also say this is like the direction life took for you while you were working on it. God took all the mismatched scraps of your life and wove them together into a thing of beauty. A good use of those scraps, I'd say. So glad to hear that your faith was strengthened through it all. God bless you, Connie! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Your faith quilt is wonderful and very special, Connie. So many colors and cheerful to look at. Yes, our Lord is always with us, and that will never change.

    Happy July days to you, Connie.


  4. When I read the name of your quilt, I knew why you named it that. It's beautiful and a great testimony of God's care for you in these last years.
    I love zinnia's!

  5. This was a wonderfully written post; very meaningful to me. Quilts made from scraps are my favorites.
    My flowers are beginning to suffer from the heat and dry weather, but the Lord gave me some very beautiful ones
    in late May and June. God bless you too, Connie.....

  6. Hi Connie, I loved to read your testimony and your Faith Quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the information about why you have notches on your circle. Makes perfect sense. Your garden veggies look so yummy. Did you cook the beets or saute everything together or how did you prepare them. I should cut and bring in a couple of my Zinnias. How long do they last in the house? May God continue to bless and guide you. Nancy

  7. What a beautiful quilt, beautiful for the story behind it, and for the faith with which you took each tiny stitch.

  8. Hi Connie, It was wonderful to see your post. I absolutely love your Faith Quilt. What a testament to the love that Jesus has for you. He DOES walk with you each and every day, but you already know that! The little notches in your template are brilliant. What a smart thing to do.
    I love your beautiful zinnias too. I used to have a huge bed of zinnias in our last house here in Omaha. Maybe I'll tr to find somewhere to plant them here too.
    I hope you are doing well through all of the heat in Washington. I'm thinking of you and all of my friends as you all cope with these unusually high temperatures.
    BLessings and hugs,

  9. What a wonderful quilt and the name for it is perfect. Your hand stitching is perfect.
    Those zinnias are pretty.

  10. Connie, that quilt is so precious, so beautiful, and you have named it perfectly. Hugz, Mxx

  11. A very creative quilt and great use of your scraps, Connie. It doesn't matter how long it takes to make, it's the end result that will be a comfort to you. Zinnias are long lasting cut flower. Be well in your heat wave.

  12. Hi Connie- you have done great work on your Quilt- looks beautiful- well worth the wait. Best Wishes. KEV.

  13. Your faith quilt is beautiful and what a great testimony of your Faith in God.

  14. Your faith quilt is wonderful, all those scraps are now happy to be brought together to make such a wonderful quilt of remembrance of what God can do in our lives! So yummy to be able to eat fresh from the garden, I am seeing peppers on my plants now and the tomatoes are plenty all they have to do is start turning red :)
    So wonderful to bring in the flowers to enjoy inside too :)

  15. So lovely, Connie, shining out with faith. A beautiful quilt and beautiful words.

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  17. What a perfect name for your quilt.. I know the last 2 years you've worked on it kept you sane and helped you through some very sad times.. each piece, each stitch, is a memorial to your faith in God and his love for you... all of the misc. strips came together so beautiful in a testament to your faith and His Love for YOU.. and I'm sure will forever be a reminder of your Steve! the porch railing where you have displayed it is just perfect! I'm envious your garden is doing so well... my zinneas NEVER do well.. they get eaten up by something before they even bloom. Alot of my flowers are getting eaten up this year, or sunburned so bad they dry up and crinkle and fall apart, even though I water them. It's just a bad year here for my plants. Even my raspberries aren't doing well at all. I love looking at your flowers, especially the ones I can't grow! I think of you often dear friend and am happy to see you continuing on with your wonderful creating of beautiful things. I always picture you in your Art Barn!! Hugs to you.. Marilyn

  18. You must have had many hours of quiet contemplation as you pieced the top together from your scraps and then worked on your hand quilting. So nice to be surrounded by memories as you stitched away. Love your zinnia, they are indeed happy little flowers.

  19. The Faith quilt is so lovely. How difficult and yet precious each stitch you made. And your Zinnias are beautiful. My single one and only survivor hasn't bloomed yet.

  20. That is a beautiful quilt! That's the kind I would love to make, using all my little scraps...but just don't know where to begin. You are so talented! I just looked at your last post. Your gardeens are so pretty and I just love your two cute dogs.

  21. I adore your quilt, and I treasure and echo your words of FAITH. What a friend we have in JESUS !

  22. Your quilt is stunning! Beautiful and so are your beautiful flowers.

    Take Care,

  23. What a beautiful quilt! Glad you are reaping the harvest of your beautiful gardens, too.

  24. I think that is the most joyful quilt I have ever had the privilege to see! What an heirloom. What beauty from "scraps"!

  25. Connie, you are such a lovely lady. I love your quilt. The flowers are beautiful. I'm so happy for you that you have such strong faith. xxx

  26. I love your quilt. To me, quilts are made for warmth but more then that, they tell a story. Your story of Love for Jesus and how he walks beside you everyday.

  27. That pan of veggies looks right tasty. And the zinnias sing my summer song. But that quilt! That quilt reminds me of God's loving hands in my life, taking my bits and pieces and broken places and weaving/quilting them into a beautiful, whole cloth reflecting his beauty. He makes everything beautiful in its time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt and faith, Connie. Blessings.

  28. What a great name for the quilt, because He is so Faithful to us! My grandmother always planted zinnia's in her yard. She lived during the depression and would save her seeds from all her flowers. Each summer I plant zinnia's in memory of her, they are so easy to grow. Have a wonderful weekend Connie!

  29. Beautiful quilt! Your stitches are so even and neat, they remind me of my grandmother's stitching. She was an amazing quilter, all of her quilts were totally handstitched together. I planted zinnias this year for the first time and one of them has a blossom. I was so excited about that. I love eating out of the garden!