Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Slipcover Make-Over


The first thing that I have to do

is thank 

Nancy of The Joyful Cottage

because she is my inspiration for 

this project.

She did a post on 

Stenciling Snowflakes onto 

Drop-cloth and making gorgeous

pillows . . . all that I can say

is, check it out here: 



I didn't use stencils but I did 

use drop-cloth . . .



And a combination of doilies

and a vintage handkerchief.



This is a photo of my wicker rocker.

I love the pillow and cushion,

but I wanted a change.

Not a permanent change . . .

but a washable slipcover change :)


Nancy has inspired me any times
through the years of following 
her amazing blog.
I am very pleased to say that she
is one of the few blogging sisters
that I have actually met in 
real life.
She is one of the sweetest people


Well, that's it for today . . .

Have a wonderful day

& God bless you.


P.S. To all of you that left comments

on my last post,

Thank you so much!

You're the best. 


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)  


  1. Your pillow is just lovely. I have some of my grandmother's doilies, this would be a fabulous way to display them. I saw Nancy's stenciled pillows and agree, they are inspiring and I also agree that she is the sweetest.

  2. What a difference that makes! I love the light color of the dropcloth. I saw Nancy's post too about using the dropcloth, and that is now on my list of what I need to buy. I did have one but it has disappeared somewhere in the depths of my garage! I love your idea too, of using it for the pillow and cushion. I love the idea of pillow.. making them so they come off and are washable. I have two for a little pillow I use on my bed to put under my shoulder when I sleep. In fact I have 3. Two are to change in and out all year long, and then I made a Christmas one. I love your use of the doilies and hankie! You are being very creative this days friend! Hugs.. Marilyn

  3. Her pillows are cute and I love your creative variation on it!

  4. What a nice way to change things up! And a great way to use up old doilies and other pieces. You're so creative!

  5. I just love your beautiful, delicate cover. How nice your rocker looks! I'm going to go check out Nancy's blog. I hope all is well with you my dear friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Your new cushion cover is so lovely with the doilies and that sweet little embroidered daisy. So cute!!

  7. I love it. That looks fantastic.

  8. Sweet makeover!
    I love the neutral colors, yet the details are beautiful.


  9. I love what you created! I love doilies and hankies -- we should go back to using hankies!

  10. It's beautiful Connie! ♥♥ Very pretty and feminine! ☺

  11. That is so pretty, I love the combo of the handkerchief and the doilies, beautifully done!

  12. That turned out beautifully! I will have to look at her blog again. Nancy

  13. I love yours and hers --enjoyed looking at her pictures and that sofa !!! Anything done with old needlework is going to be special, you did extra special.

  14. Connie, you have perfectly captured a charming cottage chair with your slipcover transformation. I love what you did with the doilies and hanky. So sweet. Thank you so much for the shout out. I'm glad you found inspiration to create your own special look for your sweet cottage. Hugs.

  15. Wow! That is a wonderful idea. I love how yours turned out.

  16. Thinking of you on this Christmas Eve day, Connie. Stopping by to say hi, and to wish you joy and peace on this remembrance of our Savior's birth and all that has meant for mankind.

  17. Just popping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas Connie!! 🎄🎄♥♥