Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sprucing Up The House


I've taken all my Christmas decorations

down and packed them away . . .



Pulled the old typewriter out of the 

guest room and into the dining room.



 Then I arranged the mantle

in a Farmhouse style. 



I also decided to make 

some new blocks to set 

around the house. 

So out in Steve's wood pile I

found some 2X4 scrapes,

cut them to size and painted them white.



Next I printed this out 

and because I have an ink jet printer

I sprayed it with acrylic clear,

that keeps the inks from running.

 Then I cut them out and 

Mod Podged them to the blocks.



After distressing the blocks

I scattered them around 

the house . . .

This one tells me how many 

teaspoons & tablespoons

there are in 1/4 cups, 1/2 cups etc.

It will keep me from looking this up

each time I reduce a recipe.



This one reminds me to not 

judge others . . .

we are all sinners and have come

short of the glory of God.

Hallelujah! For our Savior

and the price He paid on the cross.



This one I played around with . . .


Trying to find the perfect spot 

to display it :)



I did purchase this little

sprig of silk flowers at WalMart.


They remind me that even if there is

snow on the ground . . .

Spring is on the way :)



 I leave you with this.

Remember to put God first . . .

Have a lovely day.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)





  1. Oh I love an old typewriter! And how you styled it just perfect! Blessings!

  2. You are so creative Connie. Lovely ideas to have around the house.

  3. I love that idea and I never thought to use a printer. Seems everyone has those circut machines that cost an arm and a leg and that I cannot justify making the purchase.

    I had a old Smith and Corona typewriter like yours - I actually learned to type on it when I was a kid. I ended up with it - then years later we were moving and (they're HEAVY) and I didn't want to fix it up so I put it up for sale at our moving sale. My sons to this day, won't let me live that one down. Oh well, my loss was someone else's gain.

  4. Oh I love the blocks you made. You have so many great ideas. Your home is lovely filled with your talent.
    Great old typewriter and what a great message it typed. :)

  5. All around your home you've created such pretty vignettes!! Isn't it fun to rearrange things a bit and add a few small items ( like that cute sprig of spring blossoms). :)

  6. It's very nice!! Yea, Spring is almost here. πŸ’™

  7. Oh your house looks beautiful. And you certainly are creative. Everything is delightful.

    Merry Midwinter

  8. Oh Connie - I love it all! I have an old typewriter and never thought of putting a note on mine. Your new signs are so cute, and I love that Spring flower. Everything is so cozy and inviting!

  9. Hi Connie, I've been on a bit of a wander through blog land and stumbled upon your lovely blog! Blessings to you as well and I love your little blocks - especially the kitchen reminder for baking assistance!!

  10. You keep the house looking so pretty and neat. You are so creative!

  11. I love it all.. that old typewriter is my favorite. I wish I would have kept mine.

  12. God first, God always, God in all ways. I LOVE those blocks you made and I love the typewriter!

  13. Connie you are such a marvel! I love the little blocks you made and also the typewriter with the Bible verse. You make your house so homey and comfortable and share bits and pieces of the Word of God as you do it. Perfect! I can tell how much you're leaning on Him in your daily walk through life. Oh how I wish we had met in person when I lived so close to you.
    Blessings and love,

  14. Everything looks great. Your home always looks so warm and inviting. I just love all the little touches here and there. Those blocks are a great idea. I like the one with the measurements.

  15. Oh I love that old typewriter! It's such a great piece of history and looks so nice in your home. I love all the pretty touches you make yourself. You inspire us to be creative! Sweet hugs, Diane

  16. Oh, my goodness! I just LOVE what you did! Your house is so cozy and homey and inviting! I can only imagine the love people feel when they walk in your door. God bless you, my friend.

  17. Connie- What a wonderful, wonderful post. I love your mantle and the blocks. Everything is just perfect. I have an old typewriter that I need to get pulled out, too. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful rest of the week. Love and blessings-Diana

  18. Happy Wednesday Connie! Those blocks are adorable... I've taken pictures of various blocks over the years, usually 2x4's at a craft show or little shop, and always mean to make some! never have! Great idea to print those out and then mod podge them on.. most blocks I've seen just have words on them, like orange blocks with "Fall", etc. Love the white of course! Your home with the blues and whites and farmhouse look is just wonderful! the blues are so calming and coffee table is similar to yours but is an off white with dark brown top.. I love that aqua blue of yours. My new color for the last couple of years has been aqua.........I know we must keep ourselves busy... and you surely do! You just about have inspired me to do a blog post! hee hee..... oxoxoxoxo Marilyn

  19. What beautiful little touches you've added to you home; it feels so inviting.
    Yes! I believe that if we put God first and foremost in our lives, everything will work out :)

    Smiles :)

  20. Love your crafty ideas πŸ’‘ pretty vase and flowers! Spring is coming…

  21. Your home is so lovely, I like the farmhouse look and your blocks turned out terrific, I did not know that you could seal them and then you could decoupage with them, good to know :) Yes it is always good to remember not to judge others.
    Have a great rest of your week!

  22. Your home is so cheerful and inviting and you are so clever to make your own decorations. I love your new mantle setting.

  23. Hi Connie! What a lovely blog today! Love those blue and white drapes! How nice your blocks and signs are. Especially the one with the measurements on! Could I buy one of those from you? We use to have an old typewriter. After two moves and paring down we no longer have it! Have a good weekend.. Nancy

  24. Putting away the Christmas decorations is a good impetus to freshen things up around the house. Your wooden block project is so very clever. Love it!

  25. Very fun decorations. I love the blocks and the way you found the perfect spot for them.

  26. Just loved the typewriter display and all else also. I pinned the picture on Pinterest, hope that was okay, if not please let me know.

  27. Hello Connie...Your crafts and the blue vase are so cute. Also, the whole post today is adorable. Thanks so much, too, for stopping by. It's always fun to see you've visited. Thanks for the comment, too. It is very appreciated. Keep warm and cozy! It is a deep freeze here in western Massachusetts. Take care. Susan