Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Snowy Day & Warm Quilt

 This is a quilt that I have been 


off and on for the last year.



Before you get too impressed

I have to tell you that the 

hexies are printed on the fabric.


I didn't piece them, but I did

hand-quilt around each and every

little hexie shape.

It took forever! 



The back.


As you look at the photos 

you'll notice some basting thread

that I forgot to pull.

I'm doing that now :)


It's a cold snowy day

with more snow expected.


I plan on staying in except for

venturing over to the barn

to quilt and try and stitch 

a tea cozy for one of

my favorite pots.


The tea gets chilled before I've

finished the pot and that's no fun :)


I've been trying to substitute tea

for my evening ice cream and

hopefully take off my holiday


weight gain.


Praying that you all have a 

warm home, a full belly

and a year fill with good health.

Remember to put God first,

He gave His all so that we 

could be saved.  




Keep smiling!

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. The quilt is just beautiful. The hexies might not be pieced, but they look pieced! Gorgeous quilting. Yes, stay warm in your wintry weather! Hot tea sounds good in the evening.

  2. I would not have known that the hexies werent pieced. It looks lovely anyway and you must have taken hours to handsew round each one. Very snowy still!

  3. Dear Blogging Sister, I like 'saying' that so much!!!!!

    What a beautiful, beautiful quilt. Oh my! And all hand done. What a work of Art and of Love.

    -giggles- Yes I saw the thread, and it was so cute.

    Best of luck, with substituting tea for ice cream.

    I didn't add pounds over the Holidays, but have wayyyyyyyyyy toooooo many pounds on my short frame, anyway. For health, I would like to lose many of them.

    Btw, I can't eat Gluten or Chocolate and very little Lactose. So you can see, Holiday Goodies are not on my menu anyway. -smile- So that's why I don't usually gain then.

    Again, a beautiful quilt.

    And your nice amount of snow, looks so good. I want that. And we are supppppppposed to get some. Still waiting.

    ❄ ❄ ❄
    “Anne came dancing home
    in the purple winter twilight
    across the snowy places.”
    ❄ ❄ ❄

  4. The pictures of the quilt against the snow are just stunning!! And it is a beautiful quilt. So I am not the only one who only sees the little things (like random threads) when I take a photo? Stay warm!

  5. Very pretty quilt, and such a lot of hand quilting, well done!

  6. Oh Connie the quilt is so so pretty! Love the colors. and you'd never know they weren't all separate little hexies! I want some fabric like this to make a quilt! I've always loved hexie quilts but never attempted one! My aunt made one cutting all the little hexies separately, hemming each one,etc. and sewing them onto the top. Took her years. I'd be happy to have one that is pre-printed as it looks so beautiful! I love where you displayed it too! We have no snow here now and is about 55 degrees today! There may be a little pile here and there but it's quickly melting today. Your idea of a tea cozy is great... I don't heat water on the stove, I just nuke it, but my tea gets cold so fast... maybe I could make a tea mug cozy! Just something to keep it warm in my mug. Hum.m.m. good idea.. or... I could get my stove teapot down and just heat water on the stove. I really does stay hot alot longer in my tea mug. Is so nice to have a decent day with some sunshine, though winds are pretty high today. Glad I'm not at the coast where rivers are flooding! My son lives in Astoria, out of town, and their road to their house has flooded.. so they are "stuck" at home, which really IS a nice thing! Have a good rest of the week! Hugs... Marilyn

  7. The quilt is so pretty and bright and cheerful.
    We are finally getting some snow!! : )

  8. What a good idea t buy fabric that already has the hexie pattern on it. I'm sure it was still a LOT of work stitching around each one.
    We're also having loads of snow, much more than usual. Strange weather BUT the days are getting longer!!!

  9. That is such a pretty quilt. I think it's pretty impressive even if the hexies aren't real.

  10. Doesn't matter that the hexies aren't pieced, it's gorgeous! You did a great job!

  11. Oh my, this is my kind of hexie quilt! It looks amazing with the snowy background. Hot tea is a fixture in my evening routine. Now if I could stay away from the cookie jar.

  12. Well done, Connie♥ Well worth the time you put into it! Thanks for sharing your talent. No snow yet in South Central PA, and no complaining either. lol Be safe and well.

  13. Connie, What a beautiful quilt. A work of art. Stay safe and warm. Blessings to you, xoxo,love, Susie

  14. What a pretty quilt, and what a lot of work to handquilt around all of those hexies. Stay cozy and warm.

  15. Wow, Connie! This is just beautiful! You did a great job! I loved seeing your lovely home and the snow, too. God bless you in this new year!

  16. I still have two tea cozies from my grandmother. She always used one on the pot, but today it seems unusual to even see a teapot in use!
    You must be glad to have finished all that stitching. What a mammoth task, but it looks really good :) xx

  17. Hi Connie , Don't apologize for the hexes being printed on your quilt. That still took a lot of work and turned out so lovely! Will look forwa

    rd to seeing your tea cozy you make. Not as much snow here but very cold. Nancy

  18. That quilt is absolutely beautiful! I *love* the colors. Would love to know where you're going to put this quilt. Your bed? Guest room bed?

  19. The quilt is just gorgeous, even if you didn't piece them all, it looks like you did with the stitching you added, love the fabrics on the back too. Gorgeous job!

  20. I so enjoyed the photos of your quilt! Happy New Year! So much love went into every stitch!
    Blessings, Roxy

  21. That's a beautiful quilt Connie! I bet all of that hand stitching took forever! Lovely result! Oh, switching tea for ice cream, that would be hard for me! ☺☺

  22. How did I miss this post Connie? I'm so sorry. That is such a pretty quilt and so much work to hand stitch it. I've hand stitched two quilts, a full size and a queen size and I think that's all I have in me!
    It is gorgeous.
    You guys sure are getting a lot of snow and ice this year. I'm sure glad this isn't the year we were living in the camper! You are a wise woman to stay around home when there is so much snow on the ground.
    We're thinking of getting a canopy for our truck so we can take it on camping trips since we don't have a trailer now. The campers we've seen online are either total wrecks or outlandishly priced. You've fixed yours up so sweet, but with two of us, it will be a much tighter space. We'll figure out something though.
    Take care my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  23. Jan. 11, 2022

    Hi there!

    No posts here, in a while.

    You didn't go out and shovel and fall down did you??????????? I certainly hope not!!!

    Hugs and
    Merry Midwinter

  24. What a beautiful quilt! I have hand quilted a few quilts (little ones!) and it is no small feat what you have done here! Stay safe and warm!