Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Staying Warm & Fiddling Around The House

Cold weather has hit us . . .

Time to stay home, off the icy roads

and fiddle with the house. 



You can see that I've 

shoveled a path to the barn.

I've got to be able to get

to my sewing machine :) 



While snowed in . . .

I have been watching You Tube

videos and getting inspired

to do a few mini projects.

Never tried this before.



I've had these candle sticks

for so long that I can't even

remember . . . 15/20 years.


Time for a make-over.

A couple coats of paint

and a little distressing and

I have new Farmhouse candle holders :)



That bucket of pine cones

in the middle of the table

is where I added my dried oranges.



Then I decided to go on-line

and create some labels. 



Steve made this sweet spice rack for me

back when we lived at the old house.

I put it up a while back

but shame on me . . .



I never completed the job. 




Now doesn't this look better:)


I've been going to make labels for

these for a year and a half . . .

It took me about an hour to complete.

I'm better at tackling the big jobs

and procrastinating over the small ones.

Are any of you like that?



While making labels I decided 

to make these too.

The jars are a couple that I 

saved and cleaned out from those

jar candles that I love.



Well, it time to get off the computer

and put on my snow boots.

I have finished the quilting on

a quilt that I've been hand quilting

off and on for the last year.

Time to sew the blinding on and get it done .


I'll carry my phone with me . . .

that way if I slip on the ice

I can call a tow truck, LOL.


Thanks for visiting . . .

stay warm and keep God first.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)



  1. The snow covered trees are so pretty.
    Your makeover candle sticks look perfect on your farm table.
    The labels turned out great. I LOVE them.

  2. Love the labels! I always get waylaid on those last little details, too.

  3. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to get little projects done, especially creative ones? Your candle makeover is beautiful! Think how much those would cost at Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods. (Too much!)

    Dried oranges are fun to make. I did that two Christmas's ago, punched a hole in the top of the dried oranges, and strung them on twine for a little garland.

    Your cute spice labels made all the difference on those jars! Great job.

    It is snowy and very cold here, too. Temps are dipping even more later this week where we'll be below zero at night and in the morning. Not my kind of weather!

  4. I just can't believe the difference on those candlesticks. Wow. They look fantastic. And you spice jars! The labels are PERFECTION! I like your reuse of the candle jars. The jars are too nice to throw away! Stay warm and be careful shoveling, that's hard work!

  5. Snow and cold here too and a huge storm predicted for tomorrow. You did good! I love how the candle sticks turned out and the labels are so cute!

  6. Hi Connie, your candle holders look beautiful! You inspired me! And yes the little jobs seem to overwhelm me and yet I have the most sense of accomplishment from them! The snow is pretty! Happy New Year
    Blessings, Roxy

  7. Boy, am I glad it was LAST year we lived in our camper out there instead of this winter. It was relatively mild which was nice. This year is brutal already from what everyone has told us. It is supposed to be 7F here tonight and 0 tomorrow. I think it's everywhere.
    Those candles and labels are perfection. Coincidentally I was trying to organize my spices this afternoon. I just can't find a place in this house that I like. I wonder if Dennis could do something like Steve did. In our Spokane house I had a drawer just for spices. I used little mason jelly jars and painted the lids with chalkboard paint. Then I wrote the spices on it. I could see at a glance which was which. Sometimes I really miss that house.
    Your home looks so comfortable and cozy. How fun to putter around adding a touch here and there.
    Stay safe and warm Connie.

  8. I must try drying orange slices. It looks easy enough. I like the newly labeled spice jars. Good job!!
    I carry my phone with me whenever I go outside even in summer. If I fell I would have a hard time getting up so it's wise to have it with me always.

  9. No snow here. It sure looks pretty covering your yard. That spice rack looks great. I love the labels that you added to the jars and your candle holders look amazing. I tried drying orange slices a couple times. The first time didn't go so well. I don't know what ever happened to the second ones I did. I'm a procrastinator on projects of all sizes.

  10. Your home projects look great - there's nothing like a small job completed to feel satisfied. I procrastinate on those, too, and then wonder why I took so long? Carrying your phone to the quilting barn is a very smart idea! Have a cozy day, Connie!

  11. Love the photos of your home!!!!

    More, more, more... Please!

    Do hope your path is a safe one. No calling for any kind of help. -smile-

    You got snow. I want snow. But not ice, of course.

    Merry Midwinter Wishes,
    🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲

  12. I too need a kick in the pants to finish up little jobs...
    Love your posts and glad you're doing well!

  13. Your new labels look so much better, you must be wondering what took you so long! I love the snowy photos, but dont think I would be able to cope with winter snow. I would be worrying about slipping and breaking my leg, or driving the car and crashing. You can tell wd dont have snow here, just ice o the roads now and again.

  14. Hi Connie, You are so good at making your home welcoming and warm. I have not done the orange slices but like the looks of them. I am glad you take your phone out with you when you go to your art barn. We try to do that here also when we go out in the courtyard. Your labels looks so nice. Nancy

  15. I love how you have redone the candle holders, looks perfect on your table!
    Oh wow what a difference the labels make to your jars, I also save my old candle jars to store things in.
    You be careful walking in that snow, look forward to seeing your finished quilt.
    I just made some photo holders that I posted on my blog today, gave them away as a present but I think I need to make some for myself now.

  16. Hi CONNIE,
    I really like your Candle Holders and your Spice Labels - very good fun for you -lovely postings. Best Wishes. KEV. p.s., it is Summer here now with days in the 90 Deg F and lots of Rain about.

  17. Omg, your too funny! A towtruck. Love the snowy scene! Your dining room sets the scene for a cozy bowl of hot soup by the fire! The candle holders look great with their do over and I'm loving the spice jars! Can't wait to see what your whipping up with your sewing machine. Enjoy your winter and stay safe. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  18. Hi Connie, I missed this blog post - it went to my spam folder which is weird. Every once and again, various blog posts end up there and I forget to check it every few days! Love the snowy pictures.. glad you and not me! Good idea to carry your phone.. I do that too now, even when I just go out to feed our community cat behind the house. Sometimes I forget and that would be the time I would trip and fall! I'm really awful at finishing up little jobs.... when I finally get to a larger job, I usually get it done as don't want it hanging over my head, but little ones in the house I just look at and tell myself.. I'll do it another time! Your spice jar labels are just darling! I too usually save and wash the candle jars as they are so good for so many things. Also love your candlesticks... white on black looks so neat. Why don't I ever think of doing that? What kind of paint do you use? chalk paint or just regular latex paint? I have never used chalk paint yet and don't like the fact that I would have to wax over it or spray a sealer on it, etc. The spice rack your Steve made is so nice and just perfect! Have a good Friday (already?)... xoxo Marilyn