Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tackling The Bedroom



This is my bedroom 

and the headboard that I built

from fence pickets 10 or 12 years ago.



Well, this is how it has looked

for the past seven years,

since moving into our old

1905 cottage home.



This was me painting it pink

seven years ago.



This is my re-do underway. 



 My nice long farmhouse table came

in handy for cutting wall paper.


And the big sink in the kitchen

was a great size for soaking

it before booking and hanging.



I've gone 5 feet above the 

base board with the paper.

It is paint-able wainscotting paper.



I purchased some new hardware

but I also painted some of 

the old hardware black. 






I was planning on going thrifting

 for a new secondhand headboard,

but after finding a large scrap

of plywood in Steve's shop

I decided to make my own. 



Well, here are some photos

of my finished room.



It's nothing fancy

and it's wonky because 

I am a Crazy Lady DIYer

and I am not skilled with special

tools . . . I just do it

however I can figure it out.



I like that 

"Crazy Lady DIYer"

if I could rename my blog

I think that would be a good name :)


These shells hanging from the ceiling

are very special to me.

Steve and I purchased them in a

little shop in Seattle on our honeymoon

back in 1976.



The hinges, the lamps and the wallpaper

were all purchased from Amazon

using my air-miles 

and the paint was left over

from the living room.


That really helped with 

the cost of the update ☺


Before I say good-bye . . .

I would like to thank those 

of you that sent me cards.

You warmed my heart, thank you :)


Thanks for stopping by.

Have a sweet week.

Your blogging sister,

Connie :) 


P.S. If you are a Christian Woman (or Man), 

I would like to encourage you to read

the last post sent out from my dear friend

and blogging sister Nancy, of 

A Joyful Cottage

She is a true inspiration in my life

and this post truly spoke to me and

lifted me up in these troubled times.



  1. I just can't believe how great your room looks and how you did it yourself! I am in awe. It looks terrific!

  2. Connie, this redo is so beautiful. I couldn't imagine it looking better than it did before, but it does! I love everything about it. The wainscoting wallpaper is great and the hardware just sets it all off. Your skill with wood is amazing to me. I want you to come and redo my house. The bathrooms are done but everything else could use a thrifty refresh!!!!! :-)
    How wonderful for you to get all of those beautiful Valentine's. I don't know why I never think to send Valentine cards out. I know I love the two I got from my blogging sisters.
    I think Nancy's blog post was wonderful too. Just what is needed in these times.
    Stay warm and cozy in your sweet cottage Connie.
    Blessings and love,

  3. What a great makeover, you have done an amazing job. You are certainly one very skilled lady. Just pooping over now to read the blog post you suggest. Take care.

  4. Hi CONNIE- Well you have done it yet again- just marvelous craftwork- you are very clever and skilled. Do like the B'room make over and your Special Shells too. Stay well there. Best Wishes. KEV.

  5. WOW, your bedroom make-over is amazing. I love everything about it. I've been wanting to repaint my bedroom but the wallpaper border that has been up there forever isn't coming off easy and I can't get myself to just get in there and do it.

  6. How lovely that looks Connie. I think the pale striped wallpaper is perfect, but then I love striped papers. Brilliant job!

  7. Oh wow it just amazes me the work you do, it looks like a whole new room, love what you did with it, and that head board is terrific, I love all the black accenting!

  8. You are amazing, Connie, with your mad diy skills! How fresh and pretty your bedroom looks. Love the wainscoting wallpaper and your new headboard.

  9. Your DIY skills are enviable! This re-do is beautiful. I can't even paint a room on my own, much less hang wallpaper. Or make a headboard?! I have never used power tools in my life, lol. I can use a hammer, but that's about it.

  10. Hello there!! I am absolutely impressed with this makeover. Your skills always amaze, Connie.

  11. Connie you do amaze me with your skills! You say you don't have any woodworking skills but I think you surely do! You tackle things I only dream about! There goes your pink bedroom! bye bye.... mine is still pink but I have been doing a little updo also.. but keeping the pink walls. I do like the gray as it is very soothing.. and love the black accents and hinges, etc. My only place to work and paint is outside, so I need to wait for warmer weather to do any of that...just no room in my garage! The seashells hang in such perfect spot and I love them! Love the quilt on your bed and seeing your quilt cupboard full of the quilts you've made in the past. Tackling that wallpaper alone is brave of you... I like the look of wainscotting too. I was going to put beadboard on one of our bedroom walls but have as yet to do it! Oh motivation to pick up a paintbrush or any tools really. One of these days I hope it happens! Was -2 here last night/early morning, but now up to a balmy 16! I hope this cold spell is OVER for the rest of the winter! Hugs.. Marilyn

  12. Connie, the headboard you made looks wonderful. That really is something you made that yourself. Everything looks nice in your room, and I like the hanging seashells. The quilt on your bed is charming too. My sister used to sew quilts, and I think it's such a talent. That wee hanging baby dress is sweet. And that looks like a dream catcher on the other side of the wall, so pretty. You've done a great job with everything.

    I hope the February days are being good to you, Connie.


  13. Wonderful job on the new bedroom look. I love all your decorating ideas!!
    We had a fence for a bed headboard one time too. :)

  14. The redo of your bedroom turned out so lovely. I like the black headboard (amazing job making that) and all the touches of black throughout the room. I kept flicking back to see the 'before' then looking at the finished product. Great work, Connie. Now I'm off to visit the blog you mention. Blessings,

  15. Your skills are incredible, and your pictures are inspirational. You amaze!

  16. My goodness - what a lovely change! And so elegant, yet still cottage. You did a beautiful job. I would never want to leave that room!

  17. I see no "wonkyness"! You are so talented and I love what you did, and am impressed with your creativity.
    Now I'm off to visit your friend.

  18. Great job on you bedroom makeover!
    Using what you have on hand to make a new headboard isn't crazy, it's genius! You should rename your blog Genius Lady Diy~er!!
    I've used that bead board wallpaper before, and it's nice to have that look without all the work and expense of bead board.
    I esp. love your bedspread (made by you, I presume) and the straw hats!

    Smiles, and hugs...

  19. Wow, Connie! You did a beautiful job on your bedroom! You go, girl!👏👏👏

  20. Connie. What a cute redo!love all your thrifty notions. Also love to see the prepasted paper going up! You have the perfect sink. I wallpapered for 20 plus years love to see it is coming back. Enjoy your pretty room! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  21. Well DIY job done, Connie♥ No need to change your blog title. The current one is just fine. Your bedroom has a fresh look especially with the wallpaper and repainted hinges. Keep sharing your DIY projects, I certainly need redecorating ideas♥

  22. Connie, you just never stop amazing me ! I want to be like you when I grow up ! I'm daunted by the mess that my back deck is becoming, and feel that the job is too big for me,...........and here you are pretty much redoing your entire home ! Keep it up.....I'll live vicariously through YOU !

  23. I love it. My bedroom needs a redo - simple nothing fancy. I’m like you as a diy-er. Anyway, great job.

  24. What a cute bedroom, Connie! Your headboard making skills are impressive, and I love the beadboard wallpaper. I have some left over from when I added beadboard wallpaper to my glass front cabinet, and I've been thinking of using it on a wall(s) in my home. Maybe even in the entryway? I'll have to see if I have enough to do that. May have to buy more. Thanks for your sweet comments about my blog post, and leaving the link. As you can see, I'm catching up with reading your blog. Now that the kitchen cabinets are painted and my taxes have been filed, I can spend time visiting my blogging friends. Hugs, and have a great week!