Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, March 4, 2022

Front Door Tweaking


Yesterday morning my sweet watch dogs

announced that someone had entered

our driveway.

I got excited because it was 

the FedEx man delivering my

new front door hinges :)


I got out my drill and started

to install them within minutes

of there arrival . . .




but afterwards my brass antique

peephole that was on our

door when we bought the house,

looked wrong.

So, I removed it and gave it 

a spray of black paint

to match the hinges.



Now, I have to admit that 

for the last month or two 

I have been stuck on a TV program

that I found on YouTube called,

"Escape To The Country".

If you love the countryside

of the UK then you will love 

this program.

It's a beautiful and historical

British version of our, "House Hunters".




This program has inspired me to 

bring more vintage cottage style

into our little 1905 home. 



 Well, I had time to get the door

done and bake cupcakes 

before my quilting group 

showed up . . .

I'm so happy my package arrived

in time to get it done  :)



Here's one of those sweet watch dogs,

only here she is watching me frost

those cupcakes and wishing that

I would share, LOL. 


This contains an image of: 5 Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Finds #2 


Have a wonderful weekend

by friends 😊 

Your blogging sister,

Connie :)



  1. Your door looks fantastic. I just love the look of your living room too. It looks so cozy and inviting.
    A quilting group, that sounds like fun.

  2. Great looking door.
    We watch Escape to the Country all the time!!

  3. Great idea to paint your brass antique peephole Connie, it looks great. I'm in the UK and lovely watching Escape to the Country. We live on the edge of a city, but often escape to our little caravan in the country, near the sea. Your cupcakes look delicious. xx

  4. I love watching escape to the country. I too want to add some English Cottage Style to my home. I love all your doing to your home fix-ups and renovating. You are so creative. The doors hinges look great.

  5. I love how your door looks!
    I've watched that show and really enjoyed it.

  6. What pretty "jewelry" for your front door! And your cupcakes look delicious.

    We used to watch Escape to the Country on Netflix, I think it was. I didn't know it was on Youtube, too! I can't wait to watch more episodes.

  7. Your front door turned out cute. How wonderful and fun to have a quilting group in your home to eat those delicious looking cupcakes. Maybe I should watch that You Tube video as I love your style of decorating. Your home looks so comfortable. Nancy

  8. I love the English countryside and will certainly check out that site. Your door looks great with the black hardware. I loved the peek into your living cozy. It was nice to see Beulah's tranquil little face. She's so adorable.

  9. Love your door with that peephole! Escape to the Country is such a fun show. The English countryside is beautiful!

  10. Hi Connie: What a great update to your door. I just adore your home and wish you could come and decorate mine and make it more vintage country. Thank you for the information about the show. We watch utube pretty exclusively, rarely, really rarely, watching anything on "real" TV. We will definitely be watching that show. We actually looked at a few home for sale when we were in the UK last fall. We dream of having a home in one of the seaside small, small towns. Do you read Mama's Mercantile that's on my blog sidebar? We met with her and Gerald and they told us of a cottage next door to them on their island. Let me tell you, we did some serious thinking and talking about that. What an adventure. Then, when Mom started declining, our dreams had to be put on hold indefinitely. Who knows what the future will hold for us? Meanwhile, I can watch your show and dream. :-) And we've bought our tickets to go see our new granddaughter in London this spring. Exciting days. She isn't even born yet and she has us wrapped around her little fingers! :-)
    Love that verse you shared with us at the end of your post. So true.
    Take care my dear Connie. I hope to see you someday soon.
    Blessings and love,

  11. Hi CONNIE- nice work there on your Front Door- your Lounge Room looks super! Well done indeed. We are in our fifteenth day of rain here- lots of severe flooding to the north of our state. Best Wishes. Regards. KEV.

  12. Watch out for a gal with a drill and paint. 👍👍👍👍

  13. Those little touches do make a world of difference don't they.
    Great that you have a quilting group that will come together!
    I enjoy watching those shows too :)

  14. You really have an eye for the details. I sometimes don't think something looks quite right but can't figure out why. Love all the pretty things you do to you house to make it a cozy home! Hugs!

  15. Front door looks fab, and the cupcakes look divine! Escape to the Country is on tv over here practically every day! My Mum is an avid watcher!

  16. ps I've just restarted my blog at , would be lovely to see you over there :)

  17. oh that really dressed up the door nicely.

  18. Hi Connie. I like you door hinges and the peephole.
    I watch the show Escape To The Country and love
    seeing all the beautiful countryside.
    Your home looks so comfortable and cosy.

  19. Hi Connie, It is a blessing to have you following my blog. Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my Mission Accomplished post. It always delights me to stop by Crafty Home Cottage and see what you are up to. The new hinges look great. The picture of your front room is super! It looks so comfortable and welcoming. I’ll bet when you have visitors it is difficult to get them to leave! :-) Thank you for reminding us about Proverbs 3:6. Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead! John

  20. Great choice for your new hardware, Connie. It has a real country cottage look. I'll check out the Escape to the Country channel. I'm glad it's on Youtube, because that's about all I watch. :) Your front room is charming, and I really like the toile sink skirt. As always, you inspire me. Thanks for the Proverbs 3:6 verse. So true! Hugs.

  21. Looks terrific!
    How nice to have an inspirational program to get the creative wheels turning, and you are just the lady to make those darling improvements!

    Have a lovely week!

  22. You certainly brought some pretty charm to that door! I will have to check out that series, that's my outlet from my busy day .sounds like I would love it. Enjoy your quilting group and have some laughs and fun. Lisa@Sweet Tea N'Salty Air

  23. I love your new door hardware... especially the peephole... it is so "cottagey" (is that a word??). Your living room looks so cozy and inviting.

  24. Just found your blog..."hi"....I love your dogs and your creativity and I can tell you are a very kind person. Happy Friday to you.