Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, May 6, 2022

Beauitful May!

 I'm just adding a quick post today . . .

 I love blogging and all the wonderful 

people that share their world with me.

It's a privileged to share ideas,

as well as having the ability to 

encourage and be encouraged

through blogging friends.



  This little stack of pancakes

was one of the lovely treats

offer at a women's fellowship

bunch that I attended a week ago.

It was so cute, 

bite size pancakes layered with

strawberry, banana and blueberry.



The bunch was a treat . . .

this is how I am normally eating.

I joined a TOPS group a month ago

and can proudly say I've lost 

eight pounds :)

Thirteen more to go to reach 

my goal. 

I ordered a new work hat

and it arrived all scrunched

up like this.



 Here it is after I formed it

into shape.

I used soft focused on the photo to

try and hide the blemish on my

nose . . . the very reason I always 

wear a hat in the sun.

That poor nose of mine has been

burned too many times.

This is a purchase from the 

Goodwill for $5.99.

I dug up some ground cover

that needs little water and 

planted it inside.

Then at Walmart I purchased this

new outdoor pillow for the 

porch rocking chair.

Last but not least . . .

yesterday was my quilt group day.

We meet at my house so I put

out cookies and strawberries and

picked a bouquet of white lilacs 

that are just starting to open 

(they will be prettier in a few days,

but I needed a bouquet today)

and a few of the last of my tulips.


The cake plate is one that I made

years ago for a baby shower.

it's a Dollar Tree plate

glued to a flower pot.

Easy Peasy :)



Well, that's my post.

I've got my hair in curlers 

this morning and getting ready to attend

a funeral of a dear friend's husband.

 She's had a very hard couple of years

but her faith is so strong

and she is a continuous blessing

to all that know her.


That's how I aspire to be and

with continuous prayer and walking

with the Lord we all can be.


Put God First!


Love One Another




 Wishing you all a blessed

weekend and a very

Happy Mother's Day!


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. Love one another...that's what we are here for. I hope your day goes well. I know it will be hard. It's nice to have pretty flowers and a good hat to wear outside. I need to get a new pink cap but it's hard to find one that is as comfortable as this old one. Lots of hugs, Diane

  2. Prayers for your friend during this sad time. Those pancakes are just adorable. I might have to try those with my grandkids!

  3. Lovely post dear Connie. The pancakes look yummy, and I love your new hat, so sensible being lightweight and still giving shade.

  4. A lovely post! I like your new hat. I get skin cancer on my nose so I am glad you are preventing that. Your cookies and flowers are special for your quilting group! Happy Mother's day to you also! Congratulations on your weight loss! Nancy

  5. That little pancake tower is so cute. I just might have to try this for my grandchildren! I love your new work hat... I got one too! I posted about it in today's blog. Your flowers are so pretty... I am anxiously awaiting the blooming of the lilacs, I just love their scent. Love your cake plate... you are so creative. I am sorry about your friend's loss. I am sure you are a great source of comfort to her. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  6. Hello! I am sorry about your friend's husband. I am sure you are of much support to her.I feel the same about this little world of Blogging. It is a wonderful place to share and to make friends we otherwise would not have met. Beautiful photos. Have a cozy weekend!

  7. Oh I love those mini pancakes. What a great idea!!!
    Congratulations on the weight loss. Good for you!!!
    Really like all the colors you pick for your projects around the house. Things always look so cheery.

  8. Connie, you are an inspiration to me and I'm willing to guess, all who read your posts. You are so full of grace, curiosity and talent in the many things you do. Your cake plate is lovely, as is the planter and your new pillow. Your hat looks just perfect for days in the garden. I will pray for your dear friend. I can only imagine the grief she is feeling and I know that you will be able to share in her loss. I still pray for you daily as I know you miss your dear husband too.
    And last, but definitely not least, congratulations on your weight loss. I know that is NOT easy. I've been trying but gave up over vacation because it's impossible here. There is bread, cakes with tea and pastries everywhere. We got to babysit our sweet new granddaughter tonight while the kids were busy so Dennis walked to the local pub and bought us hamburgers. Yummy!
    I promise when we get home I'll get back to it. We only have a few more days to spoil this little girl.

  9. Hi Connie, lots of lovely happy things to read about today. Such a cute little stack of pancakes, yum. And your lovely flowers you picked for your quilting friends to enjoy, along with morning tea, or maybe afternoon tea? Anyway, so nice to share time with friends.

  10. Oh Connie, I love so much about this post! The little brunch pancakes you had look so good and pretty and perfect for such an occasion! what a great idea! Oh, I LOVE that pillow on that RED Rocker on your porch! That is colorful and bright and beautiful! And your hat is wonderful! Smart lady to wear one when out in the sunshine. I try to wear one too when I am out for any length of time. Your quilt group day decorations and flowers and snacks look wonderful! I love the red and white checked napkins and the tulips matched them! Your cake plate idea is so clever! You are a very talented and crafty lady! I guess your blog name suits you perfectly!! I enjoyed this post very much. Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  11. I always enjoy reading about what blogging friends are up to. The brunch sounds like it was a fun and delicious time. A new garden hat is important - I wear one most of the time, too. Happy Mother's Day, Connie. Be blessed.

  12. Such a beautiful post, Connie. I always check eagerly for a new post; I enjoy them so much. It is such a blessing to keep in touch with a sister friend so many miles away. After 3 weeks of fighting off the flu, we are once again able to get out in the garden. Nothing like the peacefulness of a garden. Not to mention the beauty. Even the weed flowers are pretty. God is good. All the time. In the up times and the down times. And in between. All the time. Blessings!

  13. That little stack of pancakes looks so yummy.
    I like your purchases. That pillow is really pretty.

  14. I loved the cake stand Connie, such a simple but so very effective idea. Loving the new hat too, amazing hoq squashed it was and how smart it looks now. Have a great weekend.

  15. Hi Connie, what a lovely hat! It looks fabulous on you. So nice you belong to all these different groups and embrace friendship. Can't wait to see what sewing your up to...Enjoy your day, so nice of you to be there for your friend. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  16. This was another inspiring and beautiful post. I loved everything..the brunch, the pillow and birdcage, as well as the hat. Yes, we must strive to love one another, and put our trust in God. May He bless your friend.
    Happy Mother's Day, Connie!
    Blessings, Linda

  17. Love your new hat - I'm glad you could get it into the right shape.
    Happy Mother's Day to you also, dear Connie :)

  18. Such a nice post Connie! Sounds like you have been busy, which is a good thing! Love your flowers, and the tiny pancakes and the strawberries. Are they YOUR strawberries?? My little patch has some little flowers so I'm really excited to see how many I get this year. It's their full first year. Sorry your hat got smushed... looks like it's back in shape now. It's so neat you have quilting ladies come to your house.. how fun! I would love to hear more about the TOPS way to lose weight! I need to do that. I just looked it up and there IS one in Madras! I need to lose twice what your goal is! Oh and I absolutely LOVE that red pillow cushion for your rocker. It makes me want to get new patio chair cushions in red, and then paint my two cedar chairs red too! Hugs.. Marilyn

  19. You've been busy again with projects and entertaining friends. Life is good. I like the sweet bouquet of lilacs and tulips.
    Congratulations on sticking to your diet and losing weight. I'm back to it right after tomorrow. It's been 2 weeks of visitors around here and tomorrow the children will come home and we'll eat lots of goodies I'm sure. But Monday I'll be back to watching what I eat. Happy Mothers Day, Connie

  20. Happy Mother's day to you too! Congrats on the weight loss, I am currently trying to lose weight also. The pancakes are too cute. Hope you had en enjoyable time with the quilt group.

  21. Your thoughtfulness, and support for your friend with the passing of her husband is much appreciated, I'm sure.
    Love your sweet spring flowers, cookies and strawberries that you offered to your quilting group, and the display is simply charming!
    Your red rocker is darling, as is the sweet summer pillow...a perfect pair :)


  22. Hi Connie- so glad you are pleased with your new hat....I've several Base Ball styled hats - though did not get to wear them as our Summer wasn't too severe. Winter here now- awfully cold at night and early in the morning. Best Wishes. KEV.

  23. That stack of pancakes is making me head straight to the kitchen.

  24. Hi Connie- Glad you are happy to loose weight. I use to weigh 98kg, two years ago I was 72kg - now I'm 63kg....I have not done this deliberately and the loss of weight is a bit of a mystery as my Doctors don't know why it is happening- still feel OK though and nothing to worry about. Those Pancakes look delicious - just love Pancakes. Best Wishes to you there in the US. KEV.

  25. Look at you in your new work hat! How cute you look, Connie. So many things I like about your post today. The mini stack of pancakes looks Yummy. That bird cage is so unique that you found at Goodwill. I love your red rocking chair, and have been wanting a white one just like that for my front porch. I always enjoy seeing bits of your home, Connie - the pretty flowers, the red and white table cloth, the cookies. Your home always says welcome to me.