Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Checking Off Some Spring Chores

Spring brings with it many chores

but the joy of being outside

in the fresh air after being 

cooped up all winter

is glorious :)


Here are just a few 

of the things I've done 

in the last couple of weeks.



I had this table in the things

that I was going to yard sale,

but decided to paint it and keep

it a bit longer.

The chairs I bought at 

a secondhand store and painted.

They were $5 each . . .

the spray paint and yellow cushions

 cost more than the chairs, LOL.



So, now my front porch is

ready to enjoy . . .

if the weather would get

a little warmer.

We are still having frosty mornings.




 I've been staining the fences 

around our property.

It's going to take a while 

to complete, but I'm

doing a little each day the

weather permits.






I've even given the gate a fresh coat

of green paint.


I moved the freezer,

not hard because it's on wheels,

but the old frig was another story.

I scooted it inch by inch to 

it's new home in another part 

of Steve's shop and in between 

defrosted and gave it a fresh

paint job. 



Oh, and the back door.

Remember my color-book pages.

Well, this blue railing looked

good on paper, but not so much

in reality, so today I'm painting

it white.  



I like the door color 

and still have the trim

to sand down and  repaint

it's staying white. 


Needs one more coat.

Oh . . . will the chores never end,

but I love doing jobs that have

instant gratification.

They give me a good feeling 

of accomplishment.  



Well, I better get off 

this computer . . .

and get to work.


Have a wonderful day


thanks for stopping by.


Your blogging sister,

Connie :) 


  1. You have been a busy lady! I love, love, live the red fence! It's so cheerful and welcoming. I have a couple of paint jobs that involve chalk paint on my to do list. I hope they turn out at well as yours did. Happy Hump Day!

  2. You are so competent with all these painting chores, and everything has turned out beautifully. I'm not good with paint or decorating, and as for hot glue guns, that's a real disaster.

  3. What a wonderful way to greet Spring, sprucing up this and that around the place :)
    I think you were right to repaint the blue railing as the white looks to be more in keeping with the area. Strange how sometimes it looks good on paper but in reality it can look quite different! Mxx

  4. Wow, you sure have been busy. I wish I had your ambition.

  5. You've done a lot. It all looks great. I like the white better than the blue too. Your porch looks like a lovely place to set and enjoy the day.

  6. I can't believe all the painting and staining you've done. Are you for hire? :-)

  7. Spring brings lovely flowers, warm sunshine and....lots of outside things that need doing. We had one of our first warm days today and I walked around noting what will need doing this year. Then I pulled weeds. Already the Chickweed is blooming so I need to get it out before it sets seeds.
    I like the blue front door, and the white railing looks great. Your porch looks ready for the season and inspires me to have a few less things on mine. I was happy to get to see Beulah in one of your pics. She's lovely and no doubt a great companion.
    Granny Marigold

  8. You always accomplish so much. Spring is a great motivator to get things done, isn't it? Your turquoise blue front door is such a pretty colour, I'm glad you are keeping it.
    Take care,

  9. You are such a busy bee Connie. I would really love to come sit awhile on your porch and have a glass of tea. All of your projects look great and I like the white railing a lot. We had to turn the AC on today as it was 89F. Crazy weather. This weekend is supposed to get down to the 30's again. Take care and may God bless you abundantly my friend.

  10. Hi Connie! Wow! That's a lot of excellent painting! Well done! xoPom Pom

  11. Oh I bet it feels good to get all those projects completed, your front porch looks great. I do like the white rail over the blue, maybe if it was a lighter blue to match your door :) Take it easy doing all that work but it is looking great!

  12. You have been busy! I wish I had your energy to tackle some of my chores. I love your newly painted chairs on the porch, they look so cheerful.

  13. Oh Connie , You put a smile on my face and I laughed about all your paint projects. My gosh I used to paint porch furniture almost every year. I often thought many years later when someone sees how many layers of paint each piece wore, they would be astounded. You can be proud it all looks great. Blessings and love, Susie

  14. I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful little things you've accomplished! Amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to brighten up a tired view. I love the table and chairs, and that red refrigerator is great! The fence is amazing! I love the back door, and yes, the white railing is better than the blue, but it really wasn't bad. I love painting things with a can of spray paint! It just changes everything! I enjoyed your pictures. Lovely! Now enjoy the fruit of your labors!

  15. Hi CONNIE- You have been very active with all your painting and redecorating - well done indeed- it all looks fab! Thinking of you. Regards. KEV.

  16. It's amazing what you accomplish with paints and brushes. You have a great sense of color!

  17. Hello... here the brush and the spray can were in full swing... You did a great job. I really like the color of your chairs and your door too...we're having rain today but the tulips are sticking out their petals...and I'm sewing. Yesterday I was at the fabric market - heavenly.
    Many greetings to you... good luck further Viola

  18. gosh you've been busy! Your porch chairs look wonderful. I would love to have a front porch but its not a thing here in the UK :(

  19. I loved how the chairs and table turned out, happy spring~ I hope you are well!

  20. Hi Connie! I missed your beautiful Easter post. I enjoyed it immensely! And boy have you been busy with the paint! You are definitely on a roll. Everything is all fresh and new! It reminds me of all the things in my yard I need to paint! Where do you get your energy! I have none lately and not much crafting mojo either. This coming week we may have some warm days that maybe will light a fire under me. You must have so much satisfaction with what you have accomplished so far. I love your front porch, the white railing and the red fridge! I have a big old freezer that needs defrosting! You reminded me! Have a blessed Sunday and upcoming week. Hugs.....Marilyn

  21. Wow! you have been busy, now you have me inspired to clean up my porch.

  22. Hello sweet Connie! You sure have been busy! Lots of painting for sure! Everything has turned out so beautiful, and indeed, it is so gratifying to get those long overdue chores checked off the list! I've been busy with spring cleanup and getting the garden ready for another season. There is always so much to do in the spring! I love the paint job you gave the old refrigerator! I have found that if you have to move furniture that doesn't have wheels, there are these foam-type coasters that you can put under each leg, and anything heavy slides like a dream, even on carpet. I've moved many such things - my husband would help me, but often time the bug has "bitten" and I just need to get it done before he gets home, lol! I'm not sure what they're called, but they really have saved my back! Blessings to you dear friend, hopefully you are enjoying lovely spring weather!

  23. Hi Connie,
    You know, I’ll never get tired of visiting Crafty Home Cottage. Every post is one where you share your creativity and I’ve gotten so many neat ideas from you. Love your front porch! It reminds me of a time decades ago when I was growing up and mom and dad were travelling and I stayed with my grandmother, who had a porch just about the same size as yours. I loved sitting on her porch and watching the world go by. And you have sure made yours look comfy and welcoming. The fence is looking good. The refrigerator/freezer repaint is amazing! 😊 Thanks for sharing your blog, Connie. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  24. I did not know you could paint a fridge!