Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Gathering Walnuts

The other day Steve was feeling up for a drive.
So we headed out to a friend's house,
that had told us to come by for walnuts :)

We spied this tree on the drive;
isn't it beautiful?

It felt so good to get out of the house,
going somewhere besides
chemo or grocery shopping:)

This is one of his walnut trees.

Steve sat in the sunshine 
and watched Butchy running and playing 
in the yard
and I gathered nuts for winter.

Then when we got home . . .

 I just had to bake a batch of brownies :) 

I baked them in an iron skillet . . .
and they were so moist that 
I think this is how I'll be 
baking them from now on.


Speaking of baking . . .

Our sweet friend Bonnie
came over with these little 
dinner roll pumpkins. 
"have you ever seen anything so cute?"
 She is so creative and they were 
Soooooooooooooo Yummy, too!

Other than this we have been enjoying
some pretty crisp Autumn weather. 

Our Mums are looking so pretty this year. 

And I had some time to get the 
grape vines cut back

and the garden cleaned out before winter.
That's a good thing :) 

Well, that's my post for today . . .
I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Now I'm off to enjoy a brownie
with butter pecan ice cream . . .
wish you were here!

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :) 


  1. Your mums are gorgeous. I've always liked them and they remind me of my favorite aunt.
    Those brownies look so delicious. I have a set of cast iron skillets that I've never used. I should pull them out and bake some brownies with them.

  2. Walnuts! That reminds me of our time in France when we used to pick green walnuts from our trees. I dont like them but my husband was in heaven!
    You are advanced in getting your garden ready for Winter. We have had so much rain that I cant get out to work in the garden at the moment.
    How nice that your husband was feeling up to a drive. Thinking of you both.

  3. Those walnuts can really stain your hands. I know I went around with dirty looking hands for a while one year!! : )
    Oh those pumpkin rolls are the cutest things.
    I've never made brownies in a skillet! They sure look good.

  4. Hi Connie- The Wallnut collecting looks like fun- especially with the crisp Autumn. Love your mention of making Cakes- your so great at cooking Connie - lovely Post- always enjoy reading about where your up to. Best Wishes to you and Steve. Regards. KEV.

  5. Oh the pumpkin dinner rolls are so cute. I wonder how she managed to get them to look like that!!
    Your skillet Brownies look great too. I've never tried making Brownies in my cast iron but I will. I have two skillets... one for sweet things and the other for savoury. Just in case the flavours can somehow stay in the pan even after washing.

  6. Another lovely post, Connie! The brownies look so good. I use my iron skillets for almost all of my baking. Thanks for the reminder that I need to pick up more walnuts. I also need some of the hulls for dying more cloth. Yay, for getting the garden cleaned up. I have mine just about ready to tuck in for the winter.

  7. I don't have any cast iron pans, but I think I need one!
    The walnuts look like a lot of work, but how nice to get them for free. We don't like walnuts in our house, can you believe that?
    Those rolls are so cute!

  8. So glad you and Steve could get out and enjoy the crisp and colorful fall day. Speaking of colorful, your flowers are an eyeful. Wow! My husband loves to crack nuts in the evenings --when the squirrels leave us a few. No fair! They get into them before the nuts are ripe. When we do get a good batch, we let the husks dry and the run the car back and forth over them in the driveway to loosen the husks. lol Lazy man's way of getting those husks off.
    You 2 are in my prayers.

  9. I just gained 10 pounds reading this post!! Oh my goodness!! Great photos!

  10. We love walnuts... wish we had a friend with a walnut tree! Your brownies look delicious, especially with that scoop of ice cream!

  11. So glad to hear you all got out and enjoyed the time.

  12. I always enjoy strolling through your home and pretty garden when I visit, Connie. How lovely you and Steve had a lovely drive; and walnuts as the prize at the end....fabulous! Oh my, wish oh wish I could walk through your front gate and have a cuppa and enjoy a slice or two of that delicious looking baking of yours. As for your neighbour's pumpkins rolls....isn't she clever.

  13. I'm glad Steve was up for a drive and some sunshine. I remember picking walnuts when I was a kid. My hands were stained for quite awhile. Enjoy all your special treats.

  14. Oh Connie.. Butter pecan ice cream sounds gorgeous. Enjoy those walnuts. x

  15. Happy Halloween Connie! :) Those pumpkin rolls are so cute, I'm doing something like that for dinner tonight, but more like a pizza! Fun! The walnuts are such a great gift and look at that brownie! Yum!!

  16. Gosh! I wish I were there for a bite of those brownies too! You could be a photographer for a magazine, you take such wonderful photos. I'm so happy that Steve was feeling up to getting out of the house for awhile too. Days like that are precious aren't they?
    Those pumpkin rolls are so cute! How nice of her to share with you two. You are in our prayers daily my friend.

  17. So glad you were able to get out with friends and enjoy a nice Autumn day outside. This brought back many memories of having to pick those up in our yard. Our neighbors had the tree but it hung over in our yard so we had to pick them up before Dad could mow the yard.
    Oh that sounds so good, I love brownies, I was waiting for you to share your recipe on how you bake it in the iron skillet, do you use the same temps. ect. Love your mums, so pretty. Those pumpkins are too cute, I had never seen that before :) We had a few light snow flakes fall here this morning but nothing that stuck.

  18. How lovely to get out with Steve and to gather walnuts for the winter. Your skillet cooked Brownie slice looks amazing! Such cute pumpkin rolls from your neighbour too! Your chrysanthemums are just lovely!

  19. Those rolls look so good...they are making my mouth water! Walnuts are good but they are a lot of work, aren't they? We have some fresh shelled pecans and they sure are delicious! Glad you were able to get out for fun. I keep you both in my prayers!

  20. Hi Connie, Yes, I did enjoy my visit! How wonderful to get free walnuts. I have never baked in my iron skillet. Have you baked other things in it? The pumpkin rolls your neighbor gave you are darling. It looks like the trunks of your grapevine are very strong and healthy and your mums are beautful. Glad you and Steve and Butchie could get out to enjoy the day! Hugs Nancy

  21. Love your homely posts.Small pleasures like walnut gathering are to be treasured.So glad you have a neighbour who is a friend as well. Thank you for sharing your life with us Connie.

  22. How fun, to go gather walnuts. Glad Steve felt like getting out. There's something about gathering nuts that gives me a warm homey feeling. Connie, those are absolutely the best looking brownies I've ever seen...and that slice! and with butter pecan ice cream!! Now that is my kind of enjoyment. I've been doing so good with my diet, this has probably just ruined it. :) That's okay. Would love to be there with you. Now I've got to read your last post...I saw quilt pieces!

  23. The bounty of nature is certainly wonderful! And there is nothing nicer than home baking to lift the spirit. Your own, of course, plus those yummy looking rolls delivered by your friend. My thoughts are still with you both, keep smiling Connie.

  24. So glad Steve felt up to going for a drive... the fresh air was probably such a blessing.. and that one tree.. wow! This time of year is just beyond beautiful. At my house in Washougal, WA, when I lived there from 1976 to 1989, we planted a walnut tree when we first moved in. That tree is still there but you know what? we never did get ONE walnut from that tree! It's huge now.. and I guess all the critters got them before we did! One of the gal's comments reminded me of my childhood, and sitting in front of the TV as a kid, cracking walnuts into a big wooden bowl, for mom's Christmas baking. Hadn't thought of that for years! I love fresh walnuts.. and cracking them open for those yummy meats inside. Nothing like the taste of fresh ones. And I love baking with walnuts.. or just eating them. Your brownies look devine too by the way. It's amazing you still have mums to enjoy. We've had some 9 degree nights and any chance for the few mums we had left bit the dust with those temps. They are now all brown and frozen! Happy November 1st! Hugs.. Marilyn

  25. What a lovely and yummy post! Happy Fall sweet friendl

  26. Oh, trust me, Connie...I'd love to visit and have one of your brownies! That looks so delicious. I am going to try making brownies in a cast iron skillet next time, too. Great idea. I made meatloaf in a cast iron skillet last week (recipe from 1840 Farm) and the other night, chicken pot pie. Both turned out delicious.

    I am so glad Steve was up for a drive again. I can't imagine how good those fresh walnuts taste. Can you believe I've never had them? We don't have walnut trees around here, so I've always had to buy nuts from the grocery store.

    I'm sure that was a ton of work getting the gardens cleaned up for the winter. You are a woman of amazing strength - physically and mentally! xoxo

  27. Do you ever share your brownie recipe? I'd like to try making them in a cast iron pan like that.