Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Goodbye September & New Quilt


September is one of my favorite months.

The days are warm and the evenings are cool.

Things I like to do in September are:

  • work in the yard
  • watch the farmers bring in their hay and other crops
  • go to the orchards for fresh apples
  • pick bouquets before the frost takes them away
  • gather my dried sunflowers to feed the birds
  • harvest the end of my garden
This post is filled with lovely
September moments. 

One day I was hungry for something sweet
but didn't feel like baking.
I caramelized an apple with brown sugar
and made a little pancake
topped with ice cream.

Irrigation wheels
and roses.

Bringing in the hay.
This dishcloth was a handmade gift
that arrived in my mail box from
Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage
Thank you Nancy, I 💗 it!
Finally photos of a quilt
that I just finished and mailed
to a nephew that I consider  
to be more like my little brother.
My oldest brother was 20 when I was born
so I grew up playing with my nephews
and nieces more than with my siblings.

He is a John Wayne fan
and loves old westerns.
So, when I saw this fabric I knew
it was perfect :)

 That's my post . . .
if you are still here and haven't 
got bored and stopped reading . . .
thank you.
Please leave a comment so I know 
you were here.
Have a blessed day :)
Your blogging sister,



  1. That looks like a perfect quilt for a John Wayne admirer!

  2. It looks like it's been a beautiful September there. Your dessert looks delicious. Love the quilt, perfect for a John Wayne fan

  3. Your sunflowers will be quite a treat for the birds when cold winds begin to blow. And I agree, the quilt fabric was a great idea for your project. Loved seeing the big square bales of hay; we only do round bales, except this summer the farmer did put up about 100 small square bales for me to have to feed at the barn.

  4. Bored? No way! I really enjoyed all your photos. So pretty! And I think your nephew is going to love the quilt.

  5. Hi Connie, So good to see a post . I loved your cute quilt. It is perfect for a John Wayne fan. That is the cutest way to feed birds with your sunflower heads too. I like that idea. Down the road from us is a place that sells hat bales. But when I see them in the fields, they are the rolls. Not sure where the bales are being done. We watch the corner fields get the soybeans harvested. So much dust from them. Ted is doing pretty good. I have finally got an appointment to have my cataracts removed. It will be at the end of Oct. I am so ready. Hope you are doing well, and finding some things to bring you joy. Blessings and prayers, xoxo, love, Susie

  6. It is always a pleasure stopping by!Adorable post as ever!That dessert looks great,thanks for this tip.That fabric is fun and perfect for a John Wayne fan!Pretty quilt!Hugs and blessings.

  7. I once had a piece of that cowboy fabric, I think it ended up being used in a comfort quilt. September is about my favorite month, unless the leaves are late in turning, then it would be October.

  8. Such a sweet and lovely post, Connie. I'm sure your nephew will love the quilt!

    Grace & Peace,

  9. Hi Connie, what beautiful September photos! That quilt is amazing - I know your nephew will love and cherish it forever. My mom is the oldest sibling and her youngest sister is 19 years younger than her. So that youngest sister - my aunt - is only 3-1/2 years older than me!

  10. I was here! Love your fall pictures and list of things--much like my own except I live in the city so no hay mowing. That John Wayne quilt is so cool, I know it will be loved. Stay well and enjoy October, it is cold here in Michigan and wet.

  11. I like September too... for the same reasons as you so! I love your new quilt, that is very unique fabric. I'm sure your nephew will love it.

  12. Lovely September photos, Connie. They capture the essence of Autumn. I love your quilt.

  13. Hi Connie, Our September has started off chilly. Love your quilt. I have been working on a quilt but you will probably have two or three done before I get it finished. LOL Glad you were pleased with the dish cloth. Left over yarn but I thought the colors were pretty together. Nancy

  14. Your Sept pictures are all lovely. Hard to believe it has come and gone so fast.

  15. Hello Connie, it's wonderful to see your post about the activities of fall. Many are the same things I liked to do when we had the house. Now, it's smaller projects in our tiny home. No room to make applesauce or a place to keep it!
    The quilt is perfect. That second photo from the bottom looks like Hoss from Bonanza! I grew up watching westerns and still love them. Your nephew/brother will love it!
    Take care my friend. You're in my prayers daily.

  16. I was here Connie! Such a nice post of September favorites and things you like to do. I always love watching farmers haying and baling.. and always love the fresh smells of haying season. Your pancake and carmeled apple look delicious! sometimes when I want a sweet, I'll bake an apple (in the microwave) and add butter and sugar to it.. tastes so good! In fact should have done that tonight as am craving something! The quilt you made your nephew is just darling - love all the cowboys! You have been busy for sure! And we don't have any orchards around here, but I would be definitely going for fresh apples if we did! Nothing better! Hugs to you! xoxo Marilyn

  17. Loved your sweet treat, I now have a yearning for a pancake. It was a joy to see the sunflowers been used to feed the birds and always a delight to admire your quilting projects. Loved the fabric, John Wayne such a great make.

  18. Hi Connie- Your Pancake looks delicious. We're still in Spring with warm days and cold nights - Summer is on it's way. This week it was my Partners 71st Birthday -Chris and I had a good day having lunch with our dear Friends across town at their home. Thinking of you and hope you are well and enjoying things to the absolute fullest. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney-Australia).

  19. You take some of the most beautiful photos! Every one of them would be nice to print or make notecards. I love your cowboy quilt! Looks warm too! Enjoy today! Hugs, your blog buddy Diane

  20. Oh Connie, I never get bored reading your posts! What a wonderful cowboy quilt you have made, it will be much appreciated I'm sure. Lovely Autumn pictures of your slice of heaven, it's now Spring where I live.

  21. Looks like September was a great month, looks like the bird is enjoying the goodness of the garden. We have enjoyed the apples from the local farms too :) Your quilt is so neat, he is going to just love it! I too grew up with my nephews, my brothers are 14 and 12 years older than me :)
    Hope you received my card.... good to hear from you!

  22. My heart skips a beat when I see your latest post! Thank you for sharing your days with us all!

  23. Your photos are do lovely and always captures your stories. Your dessert looked yummy and perfect for fall.

  24. The quilt is so cute. I cannot believe how fast September went. I love October though, so many birthdays and anniversaries.

  25. I hope you enjoy reading our comments as much as I enjoying and seeing your pictures. Hope you are safe and well and have more sewing in your future.

  26. Flowers and quilts and easy desserts --what could be more fun!
    Hi, Connie, you brighten my day with your posts. I love autumn, too.
    October was always my favorite month, but maybe not this year --not with all the wildfires and smoky air. Hopefully, it will clear up soon. I have a ton of yard work that the yard gnome has not touched.
    It has been fun to see the fall birds arrive, nuthatch and flicker. Haven't seen the juncos yet.
    I'm sure it is interesting to watch the fall farming activities. And to get the good, fresh apples, what a treat. Speaking of treats, it will be odd not to see the little trick or treaters out and about the neighborhood this year, as our officials have asked not to go door to door. And now we need to add good health to our prayers for our President and all of our leaders. And so I also continue to pray for you, Connie, and pray for good health and energy and a heart filled with God's peace. Blessings! Thanks for dropping in with your sweet post.

  27. Love,love,love your pictures! They look like they're out of a magazine. Your nephew sure will treasure his quilt with that wonderful cowboy fabric.
    Blessings, Linda

  28. Hi Connie :) I love your cowboy quilt!! The photos are beautiful. And yum! Your dessert looks so good, a la mode! :)

  29. Connie, what a wonderful way to do your sunflower blooms, placing them IN the feeder ! I just tossed mine down when I cut away the dried up was half-eaten already, so I hope they found the rest of it. Maybe a squirrel carried away a treasure !
    You've made me miss September and it's only JUST PASSED. It is such a beautiful month.
    I really like that quilt that you made ! Such a fun fabric to remind him how well you know him ! He'll have a warm hug from Connie when the cold comes round in force .
    So glad to visit you again. Dolly

  30. I just love September moments too Connie! They are so full of beautiful things. I love feeding my garden leftovers to my chickens, they have such fun enjoying it all! What a gorgeous quilt you made for your nephew! Truly something he will always treasure! The caramelized apple made me hungry for one too! What a great idea :) Hope you are enjoying this lovely warm Fall days! You always continue to be in my prayers :) Many blessings to you!

  31. Hi Connie! The quilt is lovely! I like to put the sunflower heads out for the birds and squirrels, too. I wish I could go to an apple orchard. We used to do that when we lived in Spokane. Green Bluff. It is such a beautiful place!

  32. I enjoyed this post very much, Connie. You captured your "lovely September moments" beautifully. I can almost smell the fresh bales of hay and taste that delicious dessert. Your nephew will love the quilt you made. Perfect for a western movie fan. I hope October will bring many more lovely moments for you. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I'm encouraged to read that you are finding joy in each day. God is good! Love you, dear friend. Hugs, Nancy

  33. Thank you, Connie, for these lovely September moments. I love the life of a sunflower. Have you ever taken really up close photos of a sunflower? It is amazing how many different facets that you can see that way. It is an amazing flower. I love all the farm country photos. Reminds me of years ago with my grandparents..The quilt is such fun. He will love it..Stay well..xxoJudy

  34. Lovely post I love all the photo's...many warm and cozy days ahead! I hope each one fills each of days with love and hope.

  35. I think sunflowers are beautiful even when they are drying and wilting from the heat. You always share Yummy foods on your blog, Connie, and you're always working on a creative project around the house. You inspire me. : )