Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October Applesauce and Handmade Cards

Making Applesauce

start to finish :) 


 Steve bought us this lovely

apple peeler and corer for 

our  Kitchen Aid mixer

a couple years ago.

It is so handy when you have 

a lot to peel or when you

have arthritis in your hands. 




After cooking my apples down

and smashing them with a potato

masher and seasoning with 

ginger and cinnamon(no sugar)

it was time to fill the jars.


Then into the canner.


Steve always did the water-bath

outside with propane.

this year I purchased this stainless

steel canner that can be used

on my glass top stove.

I found that canning alone is not

the fun it was when we canned together.

More work, less enjoyment.


If you are interested, you can find

this canner on Amazon.


Into the water bath for

twenty minutes.

After filling eight pint jars

I had a little bit left . . .


The perfect time for a snack 

with toasted bread.



Beautiful & Thoughtful

handmade cards.

It is such a treat to go 

to the mailbox and find a 

heartfelt card and note clustered 

among the bills and junk mail.

You walk to the mailbox tired and ready

to call it a day . . . then your steps

lighten as you can not wait to get

inside and open your card :) 

This beautiful card came for Marilyn of

Pink Paper Cottage 

The enclosed seed labels are 

so pretty. I hope to do something

creative with them by Spring :)

Marilyn makes marvelous paper crafts 

and sells them in her Esty shop.



 This lovely card is from Nancy of

Cozy Thyme Cottage 

Nancy and I have been pen pals 

for . . . I don't know maybe

eight or nine years.

She is much better at keeping up 

with our correspondence than I am.

Forgive me Nancy, you are so sweet. 

She has health issues of her own,

but is always thinking of others.

The last one to show you . . .

but far from the least, is from Connie of

Connie's Crafty Creations 

Connie is a card maker that has

a beautiful blog where she shares so many

paper crafting ideas.

I would be very surprised if she doesn't

dream about making cards in her sleep.


That's my blog for today.

Thank you for visiting . . .

I don't post as often as before,

my heart just isn't into it.

As joy returns to my life I know 

that I will find more time to blog.

I have made so very many lovely

friends here in blog-land.


Some things can happen in life that knock 

the breath right out of you. Some days 

it’s a hard decision that you have to 

make alone. Sometimes it’s the words 

of a song that bring a memory to your heart.

 But when that breath gets knocked 

out of you, God blows His breath into 

our lives and gets us back on our feet again.

 We grab a hold of His strong hand 

and keep going on the path He leads us to. 

  Life is not an easy journey. 

The road can be very rocky; I pray that 

when I stumble (and I do) that 

I will quickly get back on my feet 

and run with my goal 

being the face of Jesus. 


 Thank you again for visiting.

God bless you and your families.

Connie :)



  1. I haven't made applesauce in years. That just sounds so good. Nothing quite like making your own. I've found that most things aren't as fun when you have to do them yourself.
    Love the handmade cards you got. I'll have to check all these blogs out. I always enjoy finding new ones that share an interest.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Your applesauce looks yummy and will taste great during the months to come. Glad to read your blog no matter when it appears. Great cards from your blogging friends♥Stay well and don't forget your civic duty next week.

  3. What delicious homemade applesauce to enjoy through the winter months. That apple peeler is wonderful too. I might have to look into that! I agree, it's always lovely to receive a homemade card. I used to make lots, but just make a few now for special people! Blogs are such a lovely way of connecting with others, I'm sure you will feel more like blogging again . just listen to your heart and you will know when you are ready.

  4. All the cards are lovely.
    This post brought back happy memories of my gramma. She was the applesauce maker in our family. : )

  5. Your applesauce looks delicious. I made some this year, but most of it will be going to our daughter with an 17 month old who loves the stuff! I'm always happy to see a post from you, and pray for you through this difficult time. I'm glad you have lots of friends. Take the time you need to mourn.

  6. Your applesauce looks amazing, Connie. I can smell the delicious aroma here on the other side of The Pond! Thanks for sharing the cards you received, every one is so pretty. xx

  7. Hello Connie,
    Your applesauce sounds wonderful, adding ginger, yum!
    I enjoy your blog, no matter when you post. I agree, many wonderful blog friends helping each other stay positive in this crazy world.
    Lots of Love, Carla

  8. Your applesauce looks so pretty! Good for you for making it.
    I'm glad you got some nice mail instead of bills and junk!

  9. I remember my mom making applesauce and how good it smelled... and tasted! Such pretty cards! I am an occasional card maker. I like to make holiday cards for my grandchildren.

  10. Hello dear Connie, I was so happy to see your blog appear today. I haven't made applesauce in a couple of years but still have some left. I always freeze it in ziplock bags and use it for both applesauce and pie filling. I get my apples at Greenbluff which is only about 10 minutes from where we live now in our RV. I didn't know that kitchenaid had an apple peeler. I should look for one as I get very sore hands from peeling and slicing the apples.
    You received some very beautiful cards in the mail. Nancy and I were pen pals for a time too. I miss her blogging but she still comments on mine and we keep in touch a little through email.
    I can only imagine how difficult life must be some days. Most days. You are doing so well my dear friend. Your words of wisdom at the end of your post are very profound and I'm going to write them down and place them in my Bible. I wish I could give you a big hug right now.
    Blessings and love,

  11. Hi Connie- Love your Apple Peeler and Corer from Steve. Makes for lighter work. You certainly have gifted Friends with their cards. Yes, sometimes life deals us a rough hand- though with faith we carry on. Love your photos - you certainly have a great amount of talent Connie. Best Wishes. KEV.

  12. What a dear post this is Connie....your homemade applesauce and toast reminded me of my childhood..just warms my hear thinking about have such a wealth of interests which I find marvelous....thank you for sharing today!

  13. Connie, so good to see a post from you today. Your apple sauce looks delicious. We don't do canning here, everything goes in the freezer. Grandma used to do 'bottling' which is the same thing I think.
    Grief is a strange thing and can creep up on you when least expected. Those are the times to stop and give yourself time to just be, to relax in the knowledge that you are held up in the Father's arms. I do pray for you. x

  14. The cards are so pretty. My Mom use to can all the time until she got burned. I miss those days of watching her do it before that day. I don't can myself after seeing her get scaled that time. I do enjoy homemade applesauce. Thanks for bringing back the good memories.

  15. Hello Connie, your applesauce looks so tasty and delicious. And it's always so nice to get friendly mail amongst the bill's and junk mail, and know that friends are thinking of you. As all your blogging buddies are. Life isn't easy, sometimes it seems that there is no fun left. Sending you love and good wishes from across the sea from New Zealand.

  16. Your applesauce will be a joy in winter! Your apples must have had a lot of sweetness so you could can them with no added sugar. The lovely cards that you received would brighten anyone's day. Stay well as you can. (((hugs)))

  17. Oh Connie.. that applesauce brings back such memories of my childhood too! my mom ALWAYS made homemade applesauce.. we called it "freezer applesauce" as it always went in the freezer and she saved all her plastic tubs from cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. for making it. I still make it that way, though haven't "canned" for years now, except for applesauce. Store bought just doesn't cut it after having homemade! Your apples look nice and chunky.. I think I do prefer the chunky kind.. that's why my grandmother made.. my mom always strained hers but I like the chunks. My nephew made some and gave us last Christmas and it had the actual slices of apples in it. When I opened the jar, it smelled just like a fresh apple pie right out of the oven! Oh what joy! Your last words in this post are so heartfelt and so so true.... you put it so perfectly...... when those reminders of our loved ones pop up unexpectedly, it really does knock us off our feet. Oh how I remember.. and it still happens now and then, even after 11 years. The cards you got from the other gals are so pretty.. it is always nice to receive something thoughtful in the mail! Take care friend... Marilyn

  18. I have also been making apple sauce and canning sliced apples as well. I wish I had of had your peeler though, yes it is tough on elderly hands!! Keep well Diane

  19. Hi Connie :) That apple peeler attachment, wow...I could use one. I stopped making canned applesauce because of the peeling! Looks lovely with your toast! :)

  20. Your homemade applesauce looks and sounds so yummy! Of course it's not as much fun to do alone. I give you a lot of credit for forging on and doing it anyway. I'm sure thinking about Steve helping you while you're doing the canning is heartwrenching. Don't worry about posting on here often if your heart isn't into it. We all understand. I don't - and can't post - when I'm going through extra rough emotional times either.

    What beautiful cards your friends have sent you! Isn't it such a pick-me-up to go to the mailbox and find a card from someone - or even a magazine? So much better than bills and junk mail!

  21. Hi Connie, Your applesauce looks delicious! We have an apple peeler too and it sure helps. We have not gotten any made this year and it may be too late to try. I am always glad to see your post. If you don't post at least every couple weeks I begin to wonder if you are okay! Nancy

  22. You are going to enjoy those goodies all winter long, so nice to find things that makes our chores in life a little easier. So thankful that you have our Lord to pick you up on those days that it is just hard to function. It is always good to hear from you no matter what you are sharing!

  23. Hello Connie, lovely to see your post. I often think of you. The apple sauce looks good. x

  24. Connie that applesauce looks so delicious. I love it with cinnamon. Your cards are lovely. It means so much to receive something handmade. Hope you are doing okay. Will keep you in my prayers. Losing the love of your life is hard. Know I care. Hugs!

  25. Homemade applesauce, how wonderful. And your hand made cards are sweet. I love getting notes and cards in the mail, but unfortunately it is a lost art. But I still send them, just the same. And I still send Christmas cards!