Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Thank You For Your Prayers


 I want to send a special

"Thank You" 

to all of you that 

were praying for me 

during my surgeries.



I was blessed with a surgeon

that before each surgery asked

me if it would be alright

for him to pray with me.

How wonderful is that!




I am truly grateful 


I feel so blessed with 

so many wonderful Christian


here in my hometown 

and all across the world.





 The photos on this post 

are from my archives 

dated May 2018


Our garden certainly was 

pretty that year . . .

I'm going to do my best to

bring it back to that place again.



Two years ago I did as little 

as possible, but to have it 

still look lovely and not 


Then last year I just didn't

have the heart to do much 

of anything.


The doctor said no gardening 

or being outside when it's windy or dusty.

Hopefully after next week's check-up

I can get back to it.



I ordered a pair of safety goggles 

to wear while I'm mowing 

or when it's dusty and windy.

That should help :)


I'm taking small steps forward

with the help and grace

of my heavenly Father.

I know He has a plan for my

future and I'm praying for the 

wisdom to walk every step of the way

with Him.



God bless you all


Thank you!


Your blogging sister,

Connie :)


  1. I'm so glad you are doing well. What a blessing to have a praying doctor!
    Your photos are so beautiful.

  2. So glad your surgery went well... prayers answered. I hope you can get out and do some garden work soon. For me gardening is very therapeutic, I hope it will be the same for you. ((hugs))

  3. Not only was your garden beautiful that year, but you captured stunning photos, especially those bees! Wow! Yes, watch out for dust and wind! My husband was also told not to do things like bend over and open the oven door while things are baking, and no candles burning inside.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that your surgeries went well, and what a special gift to have your surgeon pray with you. Your photos from the past are just beautiful, and with time you will have a gorgeous garden once again. Take care, and I pray that healing will continue.

  5. I hope your health will improve very soon.
    Your garden pictures are beautiful.

  6. Remember to take time for yourself and your much needed recovery and rest, Connie. How wonderful to have a praying surgeon, such reassurance. Continuing to hold you in prayers. x

  7. Hi Connie- You have taken some Lovely photos of your Property there - everything looks so vibrant. Glad that your Surgery has been successful. Getting cold here now with Winter on it's way. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney-Australia).

  8. Such beautiful photos of your past yard and garden Connie. I know you'll have a beautiful one again.
    I'm so glad your doctor is a believer and offered to pray. What a comfort that must have been and I'm so happy the surgeries when well for you.
    I'll continue praying for complete healing and that you can be outside where you long to be.
    Blessings and love,

  9. Good morning, Connie ~ I am so glad to hear your second surgery went well. And that you're feeling well enough physically and mentally to get back into gardening again. Much love and many blessings to you.

  10. So glad to hear everything went well

  11. Hi Connie, I'm new to your blog, but I wanted you to know how happy I am that your surgery went well. I also had a praying surgeon when I had a breast biopsy (benign) and as you know, the peace I felt was so comforting. Your gardens are so beautiful. I don't blame you for wanting to get to work! God does have a plan for us and He loves us very much. We are never alone. Bless you.

  12. That's such good news! I'm praying for you and hope the healing process is good too. It's nice to see the signs of Spring and plan for summer gardens and flowers. We are getting some rain this weekend so things will really grow! Sweet hugs on this beautiful Sunday.

  13. You are very welcome and so glad your surgeries went well. How wonderful to have a doctor who prays!!!
    The flowers are beautiful!!

  14. So thankful your surgery went well, Connie. And to have a praying doctor is a special gift.
    Allow me to give you the same message I gave my husband after his eye surgery...."Don't rush it. These are your only eyes. We need 'em" :-) Your yard and garden will be beautiful again, on your time.

  15. So glad you got through your surgeries ok. How nice to have a doctor who will pray for you.
    Love all the pictures of your yard and garden. I've never been good at gardening.

  16. Your gardens have been so beautiful, just go slowly and be patient. The safety glasses are a good idea. It also helps to wear one of the masks we have been wearing. my neighbor works with her plants and wears hers and she says it really helps. She has been getting some strange looks from those who don't know she has terrible allergies. Blessings and Thanksgiving!

  17. Hi Connie, So glad to hear your second cataract surgery went well and is behind you now. How great it was to have a doctor to pray for you before surgery. What a blessing! Nancy

  18. So reassuring when you have a doctor that believes too, so glad all went well and be careful as you heal. I am sure you will be getting that garden back into shape and will be having an abundant harvest!

  19. I'm sure your checkup next week will vo well then you will be raring to go again. Take care, and know that all your readers are sending you very best wishes firca speedy recovery

  20. Dear sweet Connie, I just can't believe I've missed so many posts. Hope we're still blogging sisters. :) My gosh, your pictures are beautiful. Amazing what you've done to the porch, gardens, yard. I LOVE your porch makeover. So glad your surgery went well. Sorry I've been away so long. Time on the computer is so limited and even more so with the new puppy. I should have my head examined. I did enjoy looking back at all your latest posts. Love, Henny

  21. Oh Connie so glad to hear that! I hope both eyes will see as good as new very soon! Your flower photos are so gorgeous.. I remember them and your wonderful yard and gardens from 2018. You do have such a "green thumb" and/or that area is very conducive to flower growth! The blooms are just gorgeous! I finally did a soil test on our yard and flower beds dirt and it's very very low in the two things that promote good root growth and good flowers, fruits and blooms. So I'm going to doctor up our soil! How wonderful you had a doctor who wanted to pray with you. I remember one of my doctors from years ago who did that with me and it really touched my heart. You go slow and easy and as the other gal here said, don't rush it. Our eyes are so precious! Hugs.. .Marilyn

  22. I hope you are able to get back into your gardening soon. Gardens can be so soothing to the soul, which is something I always feel has its roots in the Garden of Eden :)
    Sending you hugz and wishing you a great day Mxx

  23. I'm so pleased to read that you are doing well, continued thoughts and prayers as you continue to heal.
    I think your photographs are beautiful, I enjoyed seeing them.

    All the best Jan

  24. It's the power of prayer, God is good. So happy you are doing well. Those garden pictures though. You always grow the best veggies. Will continue to pray for you...Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  25. I love to see your site Connie. I have been following you for a few years, found you through GrannyMarigold. I think I may have left you a comment in the past, but never knew if it went through, I'm new to commenting! Your site always cheers me to see all of the beautiful projects you make and do on your home and yard. I am a retired painter and wallpaper hanger, live on a river in the beautiful state of Washington. Your home looks so refreshing and cozy and colorful! Your fur babies are adorable!!I am also a quilter, and your quilts are just beautiful!Its wonderful to take a cup of tea break and check out your blog for inspiration!